Why do people tag projects with "male" if the MC is the only male character and there is no fetish content around them?

Sorry if the title comes off as overly hostile, I’m genuinely just curious. On most other fetish games I see where there are content tags, they usually only tag the gender of the “relevant” characters (i.e. the characters who actually experience the fetish content). However browsing through this forum I’ve noticed that there are a lot of games that are tagged “male” but when you read the description/play the game, the only male character is the MC/protag and he experiences no fetish content. I never see it done the other way around, either, though I mostly attribute that to there just being very few male-focused WG games to begin with.

Maybe this is just me being weird, but I always found it somewhat…strange, to do that? Because in one scenario, you have someone who’s looking for male-focused content play your game and leave disappointed, and in another scenario, someone who would have otherwise played your game choose to not play it because they think there’s male WG content in it and they are not interested in that (and there is nothing wrong with them for feeling like that). So it seems counterintuitive.

But maybe there’s something I’m missing here. I’d love to hear outside opinions (and also an explanation if there’s some unspoken rule of tagging that I am unaware of).


Yeah, I kinda wanna know too. I mean, me myself, personally, prefer just male weight gain, and sometimes I see a game with a male tag and I get my hopes up, only to find out further down the tag list there is a female tag and all it is, is a male protag who fattens just women. Or I’ll click on a game with a gender tag at all and all it shows is female characters.

So I second this question. But I’ll also apologise in case this comes across as hostile, that is not my intention.


There is no unsaid rule of tagging people can use whatever they see fit to my knowledge. I do agree with the idea that if a certain gender is not involved in fetish content I don’t know that it makes sense to tag that gender on the game. As it always felt that the community at large uses the gender tag in reference to fetish content but nothing says it has to be that way.

I know I personally look at a project and read about it and check the tags to see if I’m interested in trying something out based on the info provided and the tags. So tagging something in that way would be misleading to me personally.

I’m not sure that this same issue exists with the female tag (as I’ve not personally come across a game that is tagged with the female gender tag that has no fetish elements for said gender) but with the much smaller amount of male/male focused WG games it’s probably pretty noticeable when it happens in regards to using the male tag.

I can’t really think of a reason to gender tag something that doesn’t have fetish content for that gender, other than if maybe a certain gendered protagonist might make someone not want for play the game. In that case you could probably just introduce a male and female protagonist tag if this was a large enough issue.


Perhaps some developers intend to include both male and female content early on in the project, but find themselves losing enthusiasm for the work- especially when the content they’re working on doesn’t appeal to them personally- so they cut back on the project scope, leaving the tags.

Also, if you feel that a project has been incorrectly tagged, you can flag the post and talk to the mods about removing them.


We don’t have any official rules or guidelines about tagging. So obviously everyone has their own opinions about how they would tag their games. I would assume some people may include a male tag to show their game contains a male character, and not that their game has primarily male characters.


It feels really obvious to me. Like, this is a fetish forum, you should tag the stuff in your game as it pertains to the content of the forum. But then I remember that this is a conversation that has, in various places and pertaining specifically to various things, been repeating since probably the 90s, maybe even earlier. So, nothing is obvious. That said:

If your work has big guys in it, tag it appropriately! If your work does not, then don’t! Thats what the tags are there for.


I completely agree, and to add on to it. I’ve seen so many games tagged male and men are included in fetish content but it’s one male character most of the time, and once it took two hours of game play for the male flattenable character to even appear on screen. and I get that not everyone is attracted to men, but roughly half of the population is so I don’t understand why it’s so hard to find what I’m looking for.


I think it would help if the community could add and remove tags by popular vote. That way, something inaproprietly tagged or missing tags could get the correct tags applied. Otherwise everyone uses their own understanding of when a tag should appear or not, which can cause this confusion and discontent.


It could even just be something as simple as a list of popular tags and what defines them as x, y, and z. A dictionary of tags, basically, appearing as a link when you start adding tags to the game or article in question.

As to how doable or easy that is… yeah, I haven’t a clue. My programing experience is utterly non-existent.


I hesitate to do this though because if the game contains a male character, it is technically correct even if it is misleading in the broader context of this forum. Plus I wouldn’t want to have someone’s hard work get removed like that (provided said action would remove the entire post and not just the tags). I’m just afraid of rocking the boat.

I would understand this if the game has at least one male WG character. I only take issue if the male character(s) in the game are not participating in the fetish at all and are instead just serving as side characters or avatars for the player, because when I look under the male tag, I’m doing it to look for male WG content. If I just wanted to look for male characters I’d play a normal video game.

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I’ve done it before. It just notifies a mod who will look at it and take appropriate action. They wouldn’t remove the whole topic over a tag, just the tag only.


I’m leaning hard on the opinion that a game shouldn’t be tagged “male” if the MC is the only male character, unless he regularly gets involved in the lewd content of the game, directly, like if he gets WG’d sometimes too, same as if you’ve got a BBW game and there’s one (1) inflation scene buried under hundreds of WG scenes, an inflation tag would probably be quite dodgy.

As for rules though, I don’t know if it’s actually breaking any to slap a borderline-irrelevant tag on there like a male tag on a game with no male-focused scenes, but it’s certainly misleading and rude.


Okay, thank you for clarifying.

Reading through all this, I find it funny how people seem to forget feedee/feeder IS a fetish and someone might not be too interested in a male MC feeder, so even if the person getting fat is not a dude, they still have a role in the orbiting fetishes

That might be a turnoff for someone going into a game which describes itself only on feeding women while having no male tag and attracting female feeder types who would then go “oh…a dude”

I’d say the easiest way to get over this would just be to add gendered weight gain tags and MC tags, but that is my two cents

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What if the MC… is also the feedee? :hushed:

I kid, but tagging systems are unfortunately not simple. Tags from on-high almost never cover every use case, and user-defined tags require policing to make sure harmful things don’t pass through the filter.

I do share the frustration with the male tagging, tho


same as if you’ve got a BBW game and there’s one (1) inflation scene buried under hundreds of WG scenes, an inflation tag would probably be quite dodgy.

imo, this is what the body of the post is for. If you’ve technically got several fetishes in a work but one or more of them is MUCH rarer than the others then you as the creator should say that. Just a simple “hey this game is mostly x” should be fine most of the time. Shouldn’t need to go into more detail than that. And honestly, as a player, you don’t really have a right to be mad about the content of a game if you didn’t read most of the post it was linked in. This is not twitter! We have space for plenty of descriptions and warnings. And it cuts both ways. Creators USE the body of your forum post, players READ it.


I was always under the assumption that the “male” tag meant they did have male wg, so I usually avoided those games. Makes me wonder how many good games I’ve missed out on just because they had the “male” tag.


This. That’s why I give only very little on the tags. Sad but true.

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But then the second issue you run into is that oftentimes the body of a post gives very little description of what the game is about. The curated projects usually do a pretty good job of avoiding this, but I’ve seen many non-curated projects where the body of the post is just “I made this game please enjoy it” or “Latest update–fixed bug in x room” and nothing else. Like…congrats to you for making the game, but it’d be a lot easier for me to determine if I’d enjoy the game if you actually told me what it was about.