Wide Simulator 1.6(WIP) (A dumb game where you play as a GOD(technically))

so i had this orignally a simple stuffign simulator but then i made an ok rpg somehow. idk, enjoy it!
note: i didn’t notice this until now, please have rpgvx ace RTP to run the game. appologies

(1.5.5) Final Update (maybe)


past versions

191.03 MB file on MEGA

171.5 KB file on MEGA

(1.3.5)189.69 MB file on MEGA

(V1.3)3.17 MB file on MEGA

(V1.2)2.35 MB file on MEGA

(V1.1) 1.72 MB file on MEGA

(V1)1.5 MB file on MEGA

-alot of blobby slimes
-a few bosses
-a super boss
-a debug room
-various tools
Screenshot 2022-04-18 143741

Screenshot 2022-04-11 165934
Screenshot 2022-04-11 170025
Screenshot 2022-04-18 085340

update plans
-expanding the map
-more original art
-better information

i’d appreciate if anybody voiced their opinions about the game, if there’s a problem or something the game could use, let me know

mayor 3sprite_1


Any pictures of like, gameplay you could preview?

okie dokie, i got some now

Can you add a bird character?

sure, we already have bird people in a way

So found a small bug. Went into a house, guy yells no at me and the screen turned red. Then it just stayed red….

it’ll be patched in the next update

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Update 1.1 is out
-fixed some bugs
-overhauled Mia
-changed game balance
-added some more unique art
-Rodney and Mia can join the party
-elite tower dude is now miffed
-the mine is getting more developed
-secret dungeon WIP
-S L I M E S A L E S W O M A N (later)


ok, so where should i put the most focus for the next update

  • The Mines (Pat The Slime, Rock Enemies, Kobolds and Dragon Boss)
  • Candy Land (Rodney’s Family, Candy Enemies, Feeding Spells and Caramel Boss)
  • The Forest (Sandra Sugar, Forest Enemies, Treants, Pea The Treant And Satyr Boss)
  • YES (Secret Dungeon, Sprites, Tilemaps, More Enemies, Improved Sprites)
  • BBB (Big Blue Boi) (revive the denny fattening mechanic)

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i’ll end the poll tomorrow

general improvements have been selected
from there candy land shall be worked on and then i will try the denny fattening mechanic while working on the forest more

Update 1.2 is out, now it may be a bit janky map wise due to the fact im still trying to figure out how tilemaps work
so here’s the update log
-the mine is better
-added more dialogue
-new sprites
-expanded candy land
-custom forest battle back

there are two super bosses now
both require you to feed mia and one requires the climbing claws
the mother of the lamia lurks in the well
the king of succubi stands atop the cliff (not the one with rugby loving slimes)

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if you no clip into the backrooms let me know

spin borb
you have summoned
the gavarian ambassador

welp the tiles suck

  • Revert to premade tiles
  • Stick to custom tiles

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im closing the poll, seems people are decisive on the issue, from the looks of it the best idea would be to work on the tiles to make them better. now some updates on development
-the game ending is being worked on
-the caramel plague quest for candy land
-Hibrawl: Gavarian chad
-making the town feel more populated

im proud of the current update so far, going to expand candy land some more then release it.
for now, enjoy denny’s new icon
Screenshot 2022-04-11 165833
Screenshot 2022-04-18 143741

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update 1.3 is out, enjoy fighting zombies made of caramel and me sniping you if you try to take over the world

Screenshot 2022-04-19 075545
should i extend the WG Mechanic to everybody you can recruit
(but two of them (ok maybe they can get ones soon))
to clarify the cast
-Denny, chubby blue boyo (male)
-Mia, friendly lamia (female)
-Rodney, the prince of candy land (male)
-Sandra, local demon celebrity (female)
-Hibrawl, big buff birb (male)
-Yima, chocolate loving kobold (female)
-Pat, friendly slime saleswoman (female)
-Pea, timid treant (male)
-----------special case----------
-Joli, godly being of order (errrrr) (secret)

like normal this poll will last 24 hours

  • All the normal characters get one
  • Stick to Denny and Mia
  • All the non feeder characters
  • Everybody, even Joli

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in the mean time im going to do some more sprites

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welp, enjoy feeding vulture bois and vibing with fat lamias

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