WIP by Dobemaru (Obesity Game)

Dobemaru finally teased some content, here’s a post regarding some in game footage:

In game footage:

It has been awhile since I’ve updated this post, but now that Dobe has added some new Teasers, i thought that now was a good time to keep you guys updated. A while ago there was a question poll regarding his upcoming game, might as well take a look for yourself


Thanks for the heads-up, had no idea who this guy was.

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OH HO HO! I love this artist!

A little teaser, regarding the different weight stages of the NPC of Dobes game.
Go check it out!


This looks like it will be super good and fun.

wow i didnt expect them to get that big- surprising yet very intriguing!

cant wait!

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As yes, that post, I thought it was just a wip for a drawing.

The artist’s gone FAR bigger than that, mate.

ah i see-

i did not know this thanks for the information

Progress Report 6 by Dobe, just out.
Go check it out!


Fuck, their style is too damn adorable! I’m gonna die of diabetes from all the sweet sugar they’ll be feeding those girls!

I’m guessing we’ll need to pay to play this game? I wonder if it’ll have an english translation?

Hyped regardless!

As far as I can tell, he mentioned that the game would be free to download once it’s finished.
But you can still join his Fanbox for like 5$ which allows you to see the game progress earlier, and some exclusive drawings too.
Nonetheless you don’t have to join his Fanbox, to participate in the Development Polls he sometimes opens on his Twitter, which allows one to bring some preferences and meanings. (sorry for my use of words, English just ain’t my first language)


Can’t wait for this to come and so we can give it a try. May have to wait once it released so we can have a translation of the game as well. Super excited.


There’s… been an update… :smirk:


Sorry for the long absence :sweat_smile:
here’s a new update as of 11/7/2021:


It’s Dobemaru.

Last time I couldn’t post because of a side reaction of vaccination, so it’s been a while since I posted it.

What i did

・ Difference creation (2nd character completed)

[Required] What to do from now on (progress / amount of work to complete)

・ Illustration of Miss (2 / (number of people 4))

・ Illustration of the main character (1 / facial expression 5 ~ 7)

・ Character map chip creation (0 / (Miss 4 x Body 5 ~ 6 x Protagonist 1))

・ Checking the operation of multiple people (2 / number of daughters 4)

・ Interior maintenance in the store (x / undecided)

・ Implementation of after-system (x / Miss 4)

・ Implementation of skill system (x / Miss 4 x number of skills?

・ Status screen settings (x / Miss 4)

・ Clear condition setting (x / 1)

・ Option to change weight gain / loss (0/1)

・ Implementation of shop (x / 1)

・ Story implementation (x / undecided)

・ Addition of sound effects (x / undecided)

[Optional] What to do soon

・ Character picture book implementation

・ Implementation of in-store balloons

・ Addition of weight transition (line graph)

Difference creation (2nd character completed)

The standing picture of the second character to be fattened has been completed!

The second person is a Lori character and I want to be a gentle character who eats as much as an adult (*‘ω’ *)

By the way, there was a phenomenon that the amount of meat seemed to be small because there was too much difference in height from other characters. Therefore, this character creates one more difference.

  • Illustrations are subject to change without notice.

This is the end of this time.

I’m sorry that there wasn’t much progress in my spare time … I enjoyed VRChat a little too much …

But I want to do my best for the next update!


To translate some oddly-translated but important bits from machine-translate-ese:
“Difference creation/one more difference” refers to stages of gain
“Miss” would seem to refer to one of the characters
“Map Chip” refers to spritework

The mention of a skill system has me excited for an actual RPG-type game. Dobemaryu is one of the few SSBBW artists whose works I find palatable, so I’m definitely looking forward to this game. Probably a top priority for me to TL once it’s finished, although if ends up being a paid game I at least will only post the TL patch rather than the whole thing like I have before.


What a precious angel!~ I can’t wait to see just how big she(and all the other girls) get! I wonder if random NPCs will also be getting fat, like Roundbound and the Currently Unnamed Stuffing RPG? Always like it when the gains aren’t just exclusive to the active characters.

As for the game’s price(cause 0hmnkdsk wonders if it’ll be paid), Dobemaru has said this will be free(as can be read in an earlier post), but honestly, I’m just hoping it’ll be translated, if it’s not free, that’s fine, I love the artist, I’d gladly support them financially, no matter how expensive it is.(I’d just like to be able to read it. XD )

My intent with mentioning the game’s price was that I would attempt to ensure if any creator was making a project to sell that I also translated, I would communicate with them so that they’d be able to sell my English version as well (without any want from me of being paid for my work, the entire point is to allow more people be able to appreciate these sorts of games).


seems like dobemaru wants to have the game finished by the end of the month

New Year’s aspirations
From here on, I’ll let you know what you want to do this year.
If you want only the above illustrations, it’s okay to close the page, and even if you read it, I’d be happy if you read it with the feeling of “Well, do your best.”

  1. Completion of the game
    I’ve been making it since last year, but I’d like to make it public by the end of this month.
    If you come this far, you won’t be able to eat anymore, but if you don’t complete this, you won’t be able to proceed …

Hype hype hype hype hype! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

it’s out, but I don’t speak Japanese so I can’t play :frowning: {edit: the test version that is}