Witch of Gluttony

There is a skip to the current content, but it requires a password.

The update added quest markers and such in the first town, so people don’t get as lost as before.


Thanks! Your game is really funny and a pleasure to read.

damn! can’t for more to the game then!! i already finished everything that needed to be done and now i want to play some more!! X^3

Hello Weight Gaming! It’s been awhile huh?

Well fret not! We are here to announce Witch of Gluttony’s most ambitious update yet!

First and foremost, We would like to say that we’re ditching the RPGMaker engine entirely.
Nobody likes combat anyways are so many people just end up getting lost.

So from this moment forward, Witch of Gluttony will be transitioning to a Visual Novel styled game!

But not just any old Visual Novel! We’ve managed to hire, with the help of several large bank loans, celebrity acting cameos!

Our three main girls will now be played by well known celebrities from your favourite movies.

But… as per their contracts, we had to make some slight changes to the characters themselves.

The part of Bella will be played by Edna Mode. Popular character from Movies such as: Incredibles, Incredibles 2 and Edna Gets Her Groove Back.

Above is an ingame screen shot. The game will be fully voiced as well!
We’re actually just about finishing recording the lines for Noss’s actor as well.

Who better to play our short (tempered), orange haired dwarf then…


The Lorax!

As per his contract, 60% of earning from Witch of Gluttony will be donated to the forest.

… Not a charity… He just told us to leave a duffel bag full of money in the middle of the forest…



Finally for our slithery little snek, Ika, we spared no expense!

We actually spared many expenses… The Lorax and Edna were VERY expensive.

So we dug out the animatronic from Anaconda from the back of Columbia Pictures.

A little wig and no one will notice a difference!

And with that, our yearly update is finished! Be ready for a release in the later half of 200024!


Maybe we can hire The Rock to voice The Rock if we get some more money…


April Fools.


i believe it at first then i saw the date and said, oh april fools… fuck XD

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