World Of Lust - A World Of Horror Mod - First Release!


What is World Of Horror?

  • World Of Horror is basically the lovechild game of Junji Ito and H.P Lovecraft, it’s a very dark and twisted game based upon solving mysteries and freeing your town from an Old God that is constantly getting closer.
  • It features various events with pathways depending on your choices and state of you character and combat encounters with various eldritch horrors, ghosts and wide range of other horrifying creatures.

How does this mod change it?

  • This mod aims to convert that horror, into lust.
    Instead of adding new events and combat encounters, I’m converting and perverting the original events into much, much lewder ones~


  • What spurred me to even get this game in the first place was a mod created by TheFoxyDragon called World Of Fatties. It’s an amazing mod that adds 5 new enemies and 16 new events with the vast majority of them being furry related. If you’ve got World Of Horror and haven’t checked out his mod yet, what are you still doing here? Go get it!
  • After completing a playthrough with TheFoxyDragon’s mod, being the greedy bastard I am, I wanted more, and I knew the best way to do that was to make my own mod, and so here we are.

How WOL differs from WOF

  • One of the main differences between mine and TheFoxyDragon’s mod is the horror aspect, while he balances fetish and horror, my mod leans more over to the fetish side than horror side.
  • The themes themselves differ too, within this mod won’t be purely weight gain but a mix of various other expansion-related fetishes
  • The final difference is the characters themselves. As I said earlier, TheFoxyDragon’s mod is primarily furries, while mine will feature primarily human characters (but not exclusively). The only reason being that I prefer to draw human characters.

Event Teasers/Previews

  • Of course I’m going to provide a couple of teasers to show you what it’s like~


  • The first release! All vanilla events and enemies exclusive to the apartment location have been recreated in a much more lustful manner. (77.4 KB)

Install Instructions

If you’ve got windows, this is how. If you don’t use windows then you’ll have to search for a tutorial.

  1. download and unzip the file
  2. search %appdata% in the windows search bar, it’ll most likely take you to appdata/roaming. you’ll need to exit the roaming folder and enter appdata/local.
  3. once you’re in appdata/local, look for a folder called wohgame.
  4. then look for a folder in wohgame called custom, drop all the files in there.

Then you’re good to go! Check they’re installed properly by launching world of horror and clicking on the mods tab in the main menu, they should then all appear there. If it’s worked correctly, each event should say what kinks they’re focused on when you hover your mouse over them, meaning you can disable any mods that don’t fit your kinks.


Thank you for reading, let me know what you think of this down below!


Sounds amazing love to try it out once it’s available

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Sounds great, can’t wait for it to come out.

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I’ll keep an eye out.
This looks up my alley for sure.

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amazing work, do you need any help?

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Wishing you luck with your mod dude.

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Now this looks exciting! :smiley:

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I really enjoyed World of Fatties and I’m looking forward to this mod, screenshots look great!

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I will DEFINITELY be keeping an eye on this one :eyes:! I can’t wait to try it out. I wish you the best of luck working on it!

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I’m doing alright on my own right now but if I ever need a hand, I’ll let you know, thanks :))

I’m rooting for you.

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just got another 2 events finished today, you can keep track of how many events are left in each area by checking the ‘Progress’ part of the original post.
I plan to do the events and enemies for an area, then release that, then move onto the next and rinse and repeat.


Will there be events/enemies for other areas after the apartments done?

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yep! i plan to convert most of the basic vanilla enemies and events so every area is going to be done at some point, I’m just working on one location at a time.


just linked a trello board so you keep up to date with progress on there to save me from constantly updating the original post!


can’t wait. it looks amazing

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Quick question (and sorry for asking)

When you finish making the events for an area will you release that version of the mod or will you wait until you finish the mod to upload it?

Sorry for the dumb question, feel free to ignore.

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it’s alright, i like answering questions :))
the way it’ll most likely work is that I’ll make both the events and enemies for an area, then post a release, and then work on the next area and do the same once that’s done.
either that or i’ll get some people to test play it before each release, not sure yet.


Alright, thanks for answering my question. You’re doing good with this stuff man.


im not too familiar with modding this game, but what else could be changed about this game? could the ui or endings be changed at all?

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