Worshippers of the Gain (WIP - Version 0.4 - Updated September 28th)

Howdy, Gainers.

I have a visual novel called ‘Worshippers of the Gain’ up on Itch io at https://sekoshiba.itch.io/worshippersofthegain

The game is a furry weight-gain visual novel, based around trying to discover the secrets of a tiny food-obsessed town in the middle of nowhere. The player must navigate the fine line between investigating the town and incurring its (weight-gain-obsessed) wrath.

At the current time, placeholder images are used in the game. I’ve spoken with a few artists, but I want to get further into development before investing in artwork.

If you’d like to follow the game’s development, there is also a Trello: https://trello.com/b/A6Z3xGqK/worshippers-of-the-gain-dev-map

All feedback and criticism is welcome, and if you want anything added to the game let me know & I’ll do my best to add it!


Current version: 0.4

New in the latest version:

  • Added 6 new dreams that the player can have when they sleep. These range from potion hijinks, to cursed amulets, to food dungeons!
    • Dream 5 “Peasants feast” added.
    • Dream 6 “Infinite burger joint” added. Easter egg!
    • Dream 7 “Lipomancy” added.
    • Dream 8 “Public speaker” added.
    • Dream 9 “Kobold king” added.
    • Dream 10 “Cursed necklace” added.
  • Added 3 new bad ends.
    • Clothing store bad end 1. Head to the clothing store with very low popularity (<10), ripped clothes, and be mean to Matt.
    • Clothing store bad end 2. Head to the clothing store with very low popularity (<10) and be mean to Matt while he’s fixing your clothes.
    • Burger joint bad end 1. Eat until you breach 1350 pounds total weight.
  • Bug fixes and changes
    • Old saves should now work with newer versions of the game.
    • Fixed a bug where the player would get caught in an infinite burger joint loop (And this is now the dream 6 easter egg).
    • Clothes are now 25% harder to rip.
    • The intro has been re-written to make the cab driver friendlier and the receptionist less of an ass.
    • Instances of “Gal” changed to “Girl”. Further pronoun optimisations are on their way.
    • You can no longer humiliate Ben about his weight if you yourself are ridiculously overweight.
    • Implemented proper version control. Bug-fixes will now be weekly instead of alongside monthly updates!

Thanks for playing!


I use Brave and I get the following error message when I want to start the game:

But there is also no JavaScript console as far as I can see? It works fine on Firefox for me, I just want to inform you about this little issue :slight_smile:

I honestly have no idea what would be causing that error, since my game just sits inside a frame on Itch io. Thanks for letting me know about it though!

I’m using FireFox, and I currently I get a “wasm instantiation failed! SecurityError: The operation is insecure.” message when trying to load the game. I’ve been able to run other games using Ren’Py, but only when the game is ran in its own window. Hope that helps diagnose the issue.

Looked into the error above, and apparently it’s due to how the browser and iframes on itch.io interact. It’s registered as a security concern because it’s pulling content, or something to that effect.

Would it help if I included downloadable versions of the game?

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

A downloadable version would be great, and/or a link for the game to be ran in its own browser window.

Is there a guide to getting the bad ends? i’m feeling like an idiot for not getting how to get them, i have the town hate me and am at the max weight, but nothing’s happened

Next update should be out by Friday, so I’ll make sure to include download options for you. Thanks again for the feedback!

Thanks for expressing interest, the current bad ends are:

  • Become incredibly unpopular and overweight, and refuse the hotel receptionist’s advances three times. If your blog has more than 75% negative comments, then you qualify for this bad end if you’re heavy enough.
  • Try to jog when you’re very unpopular and overweight. If your blog is getting > 90% negative comments, fatten up and try to jog at the park.
  • Use the taxi (come home from somewhere) while incredibly overweight and unpopular. >90% negative comments, fatten up at the burger joint and then try to come home.

If you want to gain weight fast, lower your popularity before you eat. The fattening effect of the food increases the less popular you are.

Have fun! :slight_smile:

Is there any female weight gain in this?

The player can use female pronouns, but the scenes are unisex by design. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hey, I tried out the game and it looks good so far. One thing I should mention is that when I went to the gym I did the ‘Work Out’ option a couple of times (maybe 10ish times, since I was worried about getting a bad ending and was pushing 500 pounds) and ended up at -505 pounds. I assume this is a bug that can hopefully be fixed, and I totally understand stuff like this slipping through in WIP stuff. I mean, this is a game about getting fat, it probably didn’t expect someone to go hard at the gym.

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Oh! Thanks for pointing this out, I’ll get it fixed for the next version.

Thanks for the support & feedback :slight_smile:

I can not, for the life of me, figure out how to make the receptionist to make a move

In the current version, you can provoke the receptionist by lowering your popularity, raising your weight super high, and then passing him 3 times, and refusing his advances each time.

Hope this helps.

I can’t figure out how to get him to make an advance… He just wolf-whistles at me.

You need to have 76% negative comments on your blog or more. It should tell you the value whenever your character sleeps (ie. “You check your blog and…”). Hope this info helps!

Have fun! :slight_smile:

Your popularity needs to be between 75% and 90% negative comments, and your weight somewhere above 800lbs, probably even higher, I didn’t check when I got the ending but I think I was around 1200lbs. Just head somewhere then come back to the hotel and he’ll stop you.

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This game is very nice so far! Would be nice to get more unique events regardless of your weight and popularity as well.

Thanks for playing!

I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. My current task is getting NPCs established at the major locations and once that’s done they’ll show up occasionally in other places. I also want to do something with the day system, so various events can take place as well.