Yaffaif isn't dead either



Just a quick note to fill the empty void as there hasn’t been a release for a good long while. I am still working on the project, or rather I was until I got very busy helping in a shop over the Christmas crazy, and the New Year stock take. While I am finally back home now, there’s a lot of other things taking my time. Trying to get money together is a pressing priority even though I’d really rather be coding.

Progress is being made intermittantly, but there’s not going to be an imminent release. Sorry.

If anyone feels like helping out or inspiring me to devote more time to this you can make a donation via Ko-Fi


what are you planning on doing with yaffaif next?


Hooray! The project lives on!


Yay I love the game!!


I’m working on the story line so you can finish Orion’s quest in one of several ways: hack and slash; sneaky; and by talking your way out of it. Unfortunately there’s a few things I need to get working first. The biggest is the NPC job system. This will allow the NPCs to go through routines like guarding, eating, resting, and sleeping rather than just standing around waiting for you to interact with them. So far sleeping is more or less working. It sounds simple, but there are a lot of little bits that have to work together. A happy side effect is that the PC can now sleep too - but all that is in the current build rather than any released version.


I’m looking forward to the next update, this is one of my favourite games on this site and I’m glad to see you are still working on it.


Is there going to be a skunk race next?