Yamanuski- The First(probably) Ass Expansion RPG

Hey guys! Im back from an apmost 2 month hiatus from this site. Now to update, sorry i havent been very public with the game’s progress but what happened was that it was effectively halted during April and was going really slowly in May. In the 6 months, i have been non-stop busy with break times being used more of me wanting to relax then to make the game. So I apologize fot the slow movement of this game. It is definitely my fault it is not being worked on quick enough. But now that June my schedule has become a lot looser, I should be able to start progress on it again hopefully. Because i guess this should be a reminder, i made the demo in a non-stop week and its still not very good quality and has issues. So making something that is planned to be 6 times bigger is definitely not the easiest thing for me. But i can do it. Just need time.


Don’t worry about that, take all your time that you need for it, yours is the only project worked up with ass expansion as its main focus that I’ve found, and you’re developing it for free on your free time. I’m just happy for its existence alone. So as I said, just do things at your own pace and volition. :smiley:

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Its alright! Heavily understandable, stuff happens. Personally I’m just glad you’re doing okay!

Thank you all for the kind support :slight_smile:

I would also like to announce that a new artist decided to join my team. His art will also not be seen in the game in this update but he will bring his skills as an animator.

He goes by Giankeshi on patreon. So do support his work if you like ass expansion or even breast expansion.

He also goes by Gianopetti on Twitter and Deviantart is you want to check those out if you want to view his art in a free manner:


Also i see we have an ass expansion tag now. Hooray!


Hello! I am back to give an update over what happened over the past 2 months!

First off, ive gotten myself in a rough patch over Late June and Early July where i got scammed out of a lot of money. So that really brought me down in the dumps.

Secondly, i regrettably have to say that the art for chapter 2 is not going to be a lot. Like i can say solidly its going to be a few art pieces here and there. Since i have no method of paying my artists, its hard to get a lot of work. And that’s okay. Just dont expect a lot of art. Hopefully, we can get more work done with more artists on the team or i can find a way to pay my artists!

Anyways, i can say with some range that chapter 2 will contain about 3 hours of more content. About an hour or so will contain from the side area after chapter 2. It will feature about 5 quests and some side content that can have some fun effects. Like some scenes when some AE happens to other women other than the main crew. Or, one of the only times you’ll see BE content.

Thank you for sticking with this project loyal fans! I promise you that this project will live!


Woah! Didnt expect so much support! Thank you all! Seriously, you have been very patient for the longest time. Im sorry for all the delays happening with the game but thank you so much for stucking around :slight_smile:


Its alright, take your time! Development takes time and shit happens, can’t work around that. Hope you’re doing well!


I got kicked from the Discord after my account was hacked, and now i can’t rejoin

Oh! You were that account! Im so sorry about that! Your account was spamming a lot of messages so i had to kick it to prevent anyone else from being hacked. DM me so that i can allow you to rejoin :>

Hello! I would like to announce that Yamanuski has gotten a translation into Portugese! It was done by a fan of Yamanuski named CakeBubblegum! I would like to announce that the translation for this will come tomorrow! Now people from Portugal and Brazil can enjoy the game! I try to strive for this game to include inclusivity of the people around the world and have this game enjoyed by people of different languages. I know this is not an update and I apologize. But, I hope you enjoy this translation from the people who speak this language! Also, still a very warm thank you to CakeBubblegum for making ALL of this possible!

Olá! Gostaria de anunciar que Yamanuski conseguiu uma tradução para o português! Foi feito por um fã de Yamanuski chamado CakeBubblegum! Gostaria de anunciar que a tradução disso virá amanhã! Agora pessoas de Portugal e do Brasil podem curtir o jogo! Tento me esforçar para que este jogo inclua a inclusão de pessoas ao redor do mundo e que seja apreciado por pessoas de diferentes idiomas. Sei que isso não é uma atualização e peço desculpas. Mas, espero que você goste desta tradução das pessoas que falam esse idioma! Além disso, ainda um muito obrigado ao CakeBubblegum por tornar TUDO isso possível!


The translation is now here! I hope all of you from Brazil and Portugal will enjoy this translation! Also, thank CakeBubblegum for taking his time in translating all of this! He’s amazing! Anyways, hope you enjoy this Portugese translation of Yamanuski. We also have a portugese section in our discord if you so wish to join!

A tradução já está aqui! Espero que todos vocês do Brasil e de Portugal gostem desta tradução! Além disso, agradeça ao CakeBubblegum por dedicar seu tempo traduzindo tudo isso! Ele é incrível! De qualquer forma, espero que vocês gostem desta tradução para o português de Yamanuski. Também temos uma seção em português no nosso discord, caso você queira participar!


holy shit I didn’t expect a Portuguese translation (even more a brazilian one) just woul like to say that I really love your concept and effort through the year I’m no expert in any of these things so I can’t give a technical feedback bit loving the story so far and gonna replay with this update, best of luck for you

Translation made with great dedication for all Brazilians and Portuguese people who played this incredible game!! Any problems with the translation or suggestions just look for me on Lemarshby’s discord server. :pray::pray:

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Hello! While waiting for the game(Which I know is taking a loooong while…), why don’t you stop by at my discord server? Not only will you get talk about yamanuski and update from there, it also has a thriving AE community and is a pretty active server considering how small of a community we are! We also are very welcoming to new people and enjoy more growing into our community! Where you can post art, stories, gaming, and things like that! Our art section also boasts one of the largest collection of women with giant/growing asses and still growing hehe. So why dont you come down to the server? Hope you enjoy the server and the game :>

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I would like to say that I have created the map which will function of the main setting of Yamanuski. Its called the ‘Mini-Conintent’ of Cuornol!

This map is still pretty unfinished as most locations havent been added yet. However, the structure of the map will stay the same! And, I can hopefully put this into the game sometime soon!


Where can I download the game?

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It should be downloadable on itch if my link isnt working anymore