You are lost, pixiv wg game

oh, really!?

so, I think it’s because I encrypt this game.

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Yes, I think that’s why the translator won’t work.


well looks like i can’t play it in english then

So has anyone made a functioning translation yet?

I’ve done a couple of game translations, I can take a look and see what I can do.


So I did some work on this, I will have to say its a bit strange. Using translator++ it seems like it will only translate for an encrypted build, however with an encrypted build you can’t apply the translation. I then unencrypted it but then translation++ doesn’t run properly. (This is entirely backwards from how it should work). I may look at it more but doing a quick and fast translation seems to be out of the woods for me.


welp why would someone make a game that has a backwards translation build that makes it impossible to work with

So I managed to get the maps (NPC dialogue) to translate in TL++ if anyone’s desperate. I did this a while ago so I don’t remember exactly, but I think I remember trying to translate anything else made the game unable to locate the files regardless of what locale I extracted the game in. I might take another look later but in the meantime, here’s the best I’ve got.

Also I’m BEGGING anyone who gets to the part where you look for the chieftain’s daughter to tell me what on earth you’re supposed to do.


Hey, not sure if you’re specifically referring to the elf’s daughter, but I was able to somewhat advance in that quest by

going to the forest north of the starting town (The one with the purple mushroom enemies or as Tobao the thief guy calls it north dust). Go to the top left most of the forest map where you see the brown mushroom tiles on the ground, then just go left. That should put you in a new zone, where you can fight a boss at the top of the new map. After that you can teleport back to the town and talk to the boy near the fountain, which he’ll give you a puzzle about the graves (I’ll link the image here). Currently I’m trying to decipher the text on the image, but I’m not having the best of luck. If you’re able to decipher it, I appreciate if you could give directions on what to do for that puzzle! So far the only things I can make is that the left statue probably starts the puzzle, and the right stature resets/turns off the puzzle.


if i remember from my first play through when i had to use google translate on my phone to read what they guy says about those if you save before starting that and carefully read what he tells you and either write it down somewhere or try to remember the order you can get past it other then that i currently forgot the order myself


thank you playing my game!!

if you defeat boss,
you have 「暗号の紙」 in item box.

「暗号の紙」 have keyword.

switch on left statue, and click keyword.

if you mistake , switch on right statue for reset.

thank you!


I realized how to get the mum mum roll, but what about the “frimran” or whatever it is that Madam and the girl in the church basement want?
Nevermind I realized its one of the items in the food store. But for some reason it wasn’t working before, until I finished the thief girl??

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Anyone now where to find the pump for the elf? Or the machine to use the bookshelf button in Madam’s house?

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Thank you playing game!!!

You can get elf pomp in chapter 3.

after clear chapter 3,

boy in the castle have pump.

Ah, thank you for the help!

After putting in the keyword on the toolbar of the cryptographic note (Code being: 30c730d6 ). I was able to do that and reach the end of the implementation of that part of the content! But I realized that was not part of the main quest for finding the Elf chief’s daughter (Cleaner). I know that I need to give gifts to the elf apostles, and I think this would the let me into the mysterious temple, however I do not know how to do this.
I’d appreciate any guidance on this.

Again, Thank you for the help and the game!

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I really dislike how Wolf RPG maker won’t let us translate menu items

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That"s good!!

You can’t go into this holy building now.

you can find 3 statue.

click statue in flower , westland and forest

in this order.

then you will give easy questions.

please answer them.

after answer 3 questions,

please click between statue and statue.

you will be able to find cleaner.

thank you!!

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I will translate memu!!

thank you!

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Oh, thank you very much, I was more griping about how no matter what I did in Translator++ it wouldn’t translate it.