You are lost, pixiv wg game

Can someone download it and translate it please ?


I don’t think this is an RPGMaker game, so i’m not sure i have anything that can, but i’ll try.

EDIT: Yeah no this totally mystifies me. Sorry.

The author does mention in the readme to contact him on twitter if someone wants to do a translation.

From what google translate is saying, it appears to be using the Wolf RPG Editor engine, which is an offshoot of the RPG Maker engine. It looks like someone has made an English version of the engine. There’s also a youtube translation tutorial that OP might be able to go through to get a machine translation done.

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If Translator ++ works with it I can just do a quite auto translate but tbh it doesn’t look like there’s much here yet. I’d definitely keep an eye on it though to see if they get an artist.

Oh! The game is literally CALLED “You are lost”, I thought OP was talking to the game, saying that IT was lost. XD


But anyway. The game reminds me of the stuffing RPG, especially with that last screenshot. Of a naked NPC surrounded by food. I wonder if we can make her obese?

theres no visual gain in this

Well, Translator++ doesn’t work, and I don’t have the energy lately to try and learn another program, so until we get someone computer savvy, this is gonna remain untranslated.

I was able to get Translator++ to work, but it was awkward af. I downloaded the WolfJS module, but it required the normal module in order to extract the .wolf file into a folder. Then after the translation, I had to mix and match the output file types (regular and Js) in order to get the translation not to break.

Here’s a zip you can put into the data folder once you extract the Data.wolf with Translator++. Most stuff is translated, at least well enough to kinda work out what’s going on. (114.1 KB)


I still couldn’t get any of this to work with translation++, but a new version was released. PGD - pixiv

My name is PGD .
I’m maker of this game(YOU ARE LOST).
I want to translate it in English.
Please how to use translate++?
Thank you.


Hey PGD, welcome to Weight Gaming!

We have a tutorial for Translator++ here: How to machine translate Japanese RPG maker games

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Thank you !!
I try to translate it !
But I’m not good at English.
So, I will take a lot of time.


Welcome PGD good luck with the translation and good luck with the game.

It looks interesting, I hope to be able to play it soon.

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Thank you so much, PGD. I’m very interested in seeing more of this.

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Mashin wa hon’yaku no hotondo no sagyō o okonaimasuga, yuiitsu no mondai wa, adōn ya ninshiki dekinai mono ga aru ka dō kadesu.

The machine would do most of the work for the translation, the only problem would be if there are add-on things or something it doesn’t recognize.

Hopefully google Translate hasn’t butchered my attempt to communicate in a easier manner for you.


how do I download this game, I’ve never used the site it takes me to

i tried to do translate for this game but it doesn’t have the www folder and it not translatable

please downlord on this site


this game is used 「wolf RPG editor」

if i used 「RPG ツクール」,
you can find www folder…

the translator++ has wolf rpg and rpg maker but it still didn’t work