Yuki<3Hana (Shatteraura's Submission)

Okay… So it’s not in the best state, eventually the player will hit blank dialogue and such, there is also no win or lose condition; an unfortunate effect of starting the competition late and trying something brand new and being super ambitious lol… ---- With that out of the way!

Welcome to Yuki<3Hana a dating/management sim built by me in like… 6 days ish… lol (plus 2 for drawing) Sadly living in England, and wanting sleep closes the last few hours of the competition to me XD

Your objective is to take the two lovely pop idols Yuki (The blonde one) and Hana (The purple haired one) and make sure they lead shining idol carreers, avoiding stress and running out of money. I have also heard the two of them are quite gluttonous, and could be interested in more nights at the buffet than they first appear!

Dev Tools: Unity, MS Paint, Gimp, MS Notepad, Pencil and Paper, Trello

How to play: The how to play button in game is not implemented sadly so here are the instructions: The game is entirely mouse based. After the intro, which you will just click through you will be taken to the management screen. The tooltips on each button will help out but here is a quick rundown: You should select a girl, or both girls before attempting to click another button. These will open events that will affect the girls stats turn by turn (There may be a 52 turn limit but you will run out of content by about turn 18 ish anyway) There is a 2 second delay when the turn ends!

I am aware the Stats are also completely out of position… Unfortunately the unity canvas system is totally alien to me ^^’’ (They should still be legible… I hope)

The content that is in: (To save you hunting for stuff that isn’t there >.<) The most fleshed out event BY far is the buffet event, it has around 6 possible scenes (2 for either girl and 2 for both girls) most scenes in the game are unlocked by weight but there are a few hidden surprises! Most of the other events have only 1 - 2 variations. The talk event is also not fully implemented but it does allow you to look at the girls pictures again (Protip, try coming back to them once you have fattened them up significantly (210lbs or so), you may be pleasantly surprised!) Stress may hide events… due to the girls not wanting to talk to you (… or yet more unimplemented features >.>) So try to keep stress down! — Stats are updated at the END of the turn, so if things don’t seem to change perhaps you haven’t ended your turn!

I hope that you guys can get enjoyment out of what little there is to see in the game. I have come a LONG way thanks to this project and I imagine a similar project could be done to a MUCh higher standard next time. If there is enough interest I would be happy to continue developing the game. Thanks to those who end up giving it a go! Feel free to flood me with questions, those in the vein of: “OH GOD WHY DID YOU DO THIS!?” are most welcome :smiley:

Download link: - Dropbox - YukiHanaJamBuild.7z - Simplify your life


People are having trouble running the game, I have produced a 64 bit version; a note to the WG admins; this build isn’t technically my submission, the link above was of course submitted before the deadline. This current link is just to see if I can provide a version that works for more people :slight_smile:
: Dropbox - YukiHanaFixBuild.7z - Simplify your life


So, right off the bat, cardinal game design sin, there’s no exit button outside of the main menu. Since there’s no way to keep the game out of full-screen mode, I have to open my task manager to kill the game. This is REALLY BAD, in any sort of game design, and it should be one of your first implemented buttons. Have the escape key trigger an exit, or something, if you absolutely need all of your screen space.

Aside from that, it seems like your turn doesn’t automatically end, after picking an event? Or otherwise something is keeping me from doing more than one event after I do a concert. There’s not enough feedback anywhere for me to be able to tell. In addition to that, all of the events start with a blank text box, which just confuses people into thinking something’s broken.

You may want to also make it clear that you need to have both girls selected for the concert button to be active. That confused me for a bit, and I didn’t realize I could even select both of them at once, initially. I did it on accident.

All that said, the fact that you have anything at all in Unity for a two-week Game Jam? I’m super impressed by that. Unity is really wonky, for a first time designer, and that Canvas thing still screws ME up after effectively an entire semester course on the engine. I don’t think a Game Jam is necessarily the best way to learn how to initially do design stuff, but you’ve put in a great effort, and I think you should definitely put more time into this for the sake of learning as well as making a fun little distraction.


I’m not sure if its slightly bugged or I’m doing something wrong, but I got both girls up to 1000 lbs and there wasn’t an change on either of them.

Thanks for the feedback, the game clearly wasn’t ready but I felt it worthwhile anyway. I only have around… 8 months experience with unity itself, much like you I am currently studying it on a game design course (I have made far better games but in much longer development times lol) This was more than anything a test to see how much I have learned and how much I could do super quickly. Which seems like is a fair amount, I just need to round out my knowledge to get things implemented faster.

Also on a side note, an exit button would have been a good idea on the game screen (forgive me it was like 3AM when I finally decided to just submit and I had every intention the player would be able to return to the main menu but I just lost track lol) I was just asuming people would alt F4 by that point lol. Ive never even made this type of game before tbh I am amazed it works in any capacity XD

I wanted to add more feedback and a proper how to play thing for all the buttons again I just ran outta time lol. You are correct in saying the turn doesn’t automatically end, it was to give the player the opportunity to hit the talk button if they forgot to at the beginning of the turn it was to also have additional dialogue at the end of certain events… Of course it would be better if the talk button had it’s actual planned features! Anyway, thanks very much for playing and taking the time to give feedback! I’m sure that with the experience I have gained from this, remaking this game or making a similar one will be way way better! :smiley:

Edit: Now that I think about it this is literally like my third ever unity game… O.o

That’s really odd I just checked it and it should be working… Apologies if there is a bug I missed (The weight only needed to be like 200lbs anyway apologies >.<) Thank you for trying the game out anyway!

This thread appeals because I’m also a Unity noob, struggling with the samestuff you did and OH BOY am I glad I had longer than six days to figure out (still a lot about the canvas system that seems arcane to me tho :v)

The game flow seems good! I liked what text I was able to access! I’m a little tripped up by times I’ve got characters selected but event buttons don’t react to my clicks, even after I click ‘end turn’. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s glitchy or because I’m missing a step in how Im supposed to engage with this thing?

Thanks! As for the events I know none of them are broken (Trust me I checked lol) but there are condiditions like money and such which I didn’t have the time to make clear (so totally my bad anyway regardless of them being not broken ^^’’) If you mouse over the end turn button and it says: Click to have the girls rest, that will confirm you are on a new turn… (I really wish I had added the little flower in the top corner indicating you had an action left >.>) Thanks for playing! I’m glad you got some enjoyment out of it! One day we shall conquer the unity canvas system! XD

Dohhhh that’ll be it! That’s why I could shoot commercilas but not go to the buffet!
Now I know where I went wrong I’ll leap back in with renewed vigour!

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I really appreciate it! Just remember there isn’t too much content, I’m hoping you will find anything you haven’t seen yet :slight_smile:

I think there’s something wrong with my version of unity. Every time I try to start the game it fails. Did you use special software when making it?

It’s a standalone exe, if you are on a windows machine it should work just fine by running the yukihana aplication :slight_smile: If you are on a mac or linux I sadly can’t guarentee support. Just to be sure, have you extracted the game from the 7zip file I compressed it into?

Yes I did. And I use windows. I wonder why it shows up on my computer as a unity game. I hope I can figure this out soon. I can’t give my vote to a game I didn’t play… well I can but it would be pretty dishonest. Sorry I’m having such a hard time trying to figure out how to run the game. I’m sure you worked pretty hard on it.

No worries, as It says in my description; whilst I worked super hard on it I’m pretty sure most of the other games on here are better lol. Hopefully If you do get it working you can get some enjoyment out of it :slight_smile: Who knows maybe it got corrupted during the download? Anyway I appreciate you taking the time to even look at my submission page! :smiley:

Are 2 images, the base and another true?
(of each girl)

Yes, there are only 2 images for each girl, I would have liked to add more but Ive literally never drawn fat girls before so it was taking forever to even do that much ^^’’ (On another note ive never drawn them digitally before either lol)

I’m glad you worked hard. I think I figured out the problem with running the game. The game uses UnityCrashHandler32 but my computer runs on 64 so I need to figure out a way to get the game to use UnityCrashHandler64 instead. Do have any ideas on how I can do that?

That is an odd thing indeed. My computer is also 64 bit, usually 32 bit applications have no issues running on a 64 bit system so I would hope its the same for the crash handler (16 bit programs sadly will never function on a 64 bit machine) Ive done a little research into the crash handler but I just can’t find anything concrete… I am using a very new version of unity, it could be that there is just some small bug in the version of unity I used, if so there’s nothing I can do unfortunately; that said ive done research into my specific version and also come back with nothing. If you have a specific error message you may be able to google it for an answer, personally I just couldn’t find anything :confused:

Darn. I’ll figure out something. I will experience the fruits of your effort known as Yuki<3Hana!

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I want to reiterate that, especially since it’s a solo project, it’s super respectable that you even tried to do something alone and for fun in Unity. The only product I have of my course at university is a game that LOOKS fine, but it fell super short of basically anything that my three man team wanted it to be, as far as game function.

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to be the first time you draw is very good