[0.14.2] Can't trigger Ellie's date in the evening

Exploring this game a bit.
In case it is me that is not doing something, what EXACTLY are all the requirements to trigger this interaction?
I restarted the game multiple times with different combinations of the order of operations and it really doesn’t change anything (apart from a bug with the donuts shop girl I found if you interact with her while heavy but broke). And yes, as it was suggested in the main thread too, I’ve already checked the PC (where the middle password also gives a RenPY error).

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Ellie can’t be accessed to date in 0.14.2. Her date content starts in 0.15 and continues in 0.17 to my knowledge. If you mean Paige she can be accessed in the evening for a date at Burger Queen. Listed below is how to access her date scene, quoted from the orginal thread.

Am I wrong, or did someone in the main thread mention it was from 0.13+ instead?

I think what you are thinking of is @tonbelly incorrectly said Ellie instead of Paige when replying to a comment.

If you look at what they were replying to the person was clearly mentioning Paige but did not use her name. They probably had Ellie on the brain since it was the next update they were doing at the time.

Yes sorry, my mistake, thanks very much for clearing this up Krodmandoon! It does get a little confusing for me having three game versions on the go at a time. :sweat_smile:

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