A Fallout/Lethal company rpg-maker idea/potential project (first time making any game, at all) [[progress update in replies]]

I’ve been hare for a while and saw/played many games hare one being RPGS.

All loved them and played several of them but there’s that feeling of “maybe if they did, or changed this, added extra weight,” popped in my mind. Nothing wrong with the games but wanted something else. So after a while and seeing new and old RPGS, i deiced to make my own one.

For the record, i have no game making experience, never used rpg-maker tools, never codded, never used sprits, no knowledge how to implement mechanics, no real knowledge of how to export a game for others to play, inventory, variables, making NPCs, etc.

So its first reason why i’m making this rather lengthy introduction before i talk about the game. Second reason is i’m asking for help on how to make these and how i would make the weight gain part work.

Now for the game

This game im think about (and once i figure out how to work RPG-maker hopeful make) was inspired primarily by Project F.A.T by NickSav, Secrets of Gaia IV by Rule34Games, SUPER FATTY RPG - EXPANDED by WeirdMidnight. and Fatties Eating Fatties by Herokero

Although i liked the linear rpgs like

Witch of Gluttony by BuiltToBlast, Olive And The Ruby Bra by frequenf, Above gods by Emett, Roundbound by round, and Fatties Eating Fatties by Herokero

I liked F.A.T and Gaia sandboxy freerom style. Going to place with no walls or being restricted by conditions or levels. “you want to go that area and die? go right ahead!”

The only restrictions are the day or night cycles and the limited time until something big happens or the amount of actions left.

The game is set in a post-apocalypse fallout like (humor? writing? IDK) with Lethal company (great game) elements

You, the player, wake up in a Vault are tasked in going to random (every not hazardous at all) locations to collect (useless) items and materials (that may or not be hazardous or cause weight gain. accidently or purposely) to “”“study.”“”

I’m not sure for a ending. like build a rocket to escape or make a cure to stop some virus (work in progress) But the player will have a verity of things to do in the game.

There (hopefully) will NPC interactions to chat, fatten or join you in your adventures. There will be stuffing and mild/extreme weight gain moments AND having F.A.T vore mechanic (not sure about the corruption system. maybe)

From humans, Furries and nonhumans, I hope to customize the player with the works (gender, race and pronouns. ambious yes but i think is should be “fairly” simple)

There wont be any fancy mini games (still a noice at making games) BUT there will be my favorite features of bad endings. There will be plenty and will have a weight gain element to them in some way. (if i’m really crazy maybe variations to them if player met certation condition)

the game wont be overly hard, will be a difficulty multiplier, so no hardcore strategy meta thingy. just jump in, mess around and have fun.

I’m a Bit of gremlin so it’ll be very NSFW in writing and display so look (hopefully) forward to that.

There will be not date became this is a idea and i want to figure out hope rpg-maker works so if anyone can point towards any tutorials, give tips, or if any dev that happens to come across this, tell how they did their weight gain mechanic and what they used, point towards sprits etc.

Despite soon starting college soon, i have a lot of free time and the work load shouldn’t be too much if things go well.

I hope this gets off the ground and be something instead of a idea and if not, maybe inspire to take the torch.

Anyways, enough of my ramblings, its literally 1 am as i type this, i need to sleep and do stuff tomorrow.

I’ll post again if i have any updates or something





As of today, i got the famous rpgmaker

Still trying to figure it out though.

My main goal would be coming up with a “”decent”” map to play on.

What i plan to do

I want a over would where “planets” can be entered and be played into a big ol map. Many interactive stuff, NPCs, towns, fatting enemies

Again, still trying to figure out how to engine works.

The biggest challenge for this would be the player sprites and I guess the variables to, ya know, make the MC and others phat

I asked NickSav if i could use his assets for my stuff and he gave the thumbs up.

Only problem: i have no idea how to use said assets.

Going to jump back into the YouTube for tutorials and stuff to see how to use edit sprits and plugins (in his words “Just cut off the heads off and change them, that’s basically what i did)

As of now, im going to attempt to make a “”decent”” map

~purple weevil