A Halloween Text Adventure

Uh well I made a thing…

Here it is: The Fat House - Play online at textadventures.co.uk

For the past two months at least (probably three or four considering how this originally started) I’ve been working on a text adventure for Halloween. I will say that due to several bumps in the road (including when the original game was lost and I had to start over) I was able to finish this.
Now I will admit it needs polish, and I will be updating this to sort of make things in the game a bit more real rather than rushed (although I will wait a few days, been a long month). I do hope you all enjoy it, and please feel free to give any critiques.

Edit: I’m not sure if the name is good, but it kind of fits.
Edit 2: Sorry if it may appear long…
Edit 3: Sorry if the updates may be hurting the game, apparently I missed several things.
Edit 4: Added the Ending list onto the first reply for easy access.
Edit 5: Added a new ending and some additional content. Took a bit too long to make this, the burnout from making it hindered progress greatly.

Special thanks to Leifwarfer for his incredible assistance on helping me understand Quest a lot better. Had it not been for him this probably would never have been done.


The following is the series of endings you can get in the game. Now currently this is how to get them, but future updates may change that (but I will update the guide in case). Now here is it.

Ending 1: Slob Ending

Requirements: Heart Key

This one is easy and the first ending available. First go into the Dining Room (after Gloria has been removed and everyone has gone to their own floors) and find the key there. After taking it, delectable treats will begin to appear all around the first floor (it is only on the first floor). You will need to go room to room (once however) to find each treat before you grab the last one in the Basement Landing room (Milkshakes). After that return to the kitchen and begin the final descent into your gluttonous binge. (Warning, depending on your weight from this, may influence other endings, just keep in mind.)

Ending 2: Sleep Ending

Requirements: Blue Key

After the scene in the kitchen head directly for the Library and search the third bookshelf to reveal the key. Then head back onto the second floor and open the Widened Door and enter the Big Bedroom. Sleep in the bed twice to unlock the ending.

Ending 3: Blueberry Ending

Requirements: Green Key

Like the Sleeping ending, go through the steps there however avoid sleeping in the bed twice and search the bathroom for the Green Key. Once you have it then head to the Heavy Door on the Backdoor Landing and open it, head into the Garden. Look at the Prickly Bush and take the Clover Key (without having the Pole Arm item in your inventory) You will be forced to head to the bathroom in a futile attempt to stop the inflation, only to fail once you get inside.

Ending 4: All Fatties Ending

Requirements: Eric not escaping.

This is one of the endings near the end of the game, so by the time you can gain access to it both Robert and Charlie will have gone through their own traps (although whether they survive or not, it doesn’t matter). After both have been taken out of the game, head to the Study and open the Mini Safe, take out the book, and read it. After reading it, head to the Kitchen and use the broom item on Eric to force him into the Pantry and get the Diamond key from the Exhaust Fan. Head back to the Study and open the Heavy Safe and take the Golden Key. Leave through the Library and you will be transferred over to Eric. After you learn of your situation, just waste time until the Turnscript enacts Eric’s fail state (once you’re over 300 pounds, certain things in the Pantry won’t be possible and you will lose then). After you’re brought back to Ashley, talk to Terry and then Beelzebub and you will get the ending.

Ending 5: One Survivor

Requirements: You weighing 285, and Eric escaping

Similar to the All Fatties ending, except Eric manages to escape the Pantry (this is done by searching the Perishable shelf until you get the Wooden box and finding a scissor part in the spicy mound. Use one onto the other, and create the sharp scissors, take them and cut the face apparatus. All that is left is to search the sandy mound and the can shelf, use the can opener on the can of anchovies, and grab the iron key to open the door and escape. You’ll switch over to Ashley, talk to Terry and then Beelzebub, and Eric will come to your rescue. However when you try to leave you will suffer an injury (due to your weight). After Eric tries to help you, he is forced to leave (even leaving Robert and Charlie if they had been saved), leaving you to the mercy of the demon.

Ending 6: Marshmallow Vore Ending

Requirements: Both Robert and Charlie must have been taken by the demon, weight is more than 200 pounds.

This took a bit of time to make, to be qualify you must have the flashlight and lockpick set in Ashley’s inventory while your weight being above 200 pounds (the chocolate cake at least should have been eaten at this point). Go into the large living room and lounge in the big lounge chair (if you do not have either requirement it will not work).
You will then be transported to a new area and is put under a time limit (turn script) where you have to escape the room before you’re fed into immobility. You have to fail this in order to activate the ending, thankfully there is a ton of things to do in the room. Once you have fallen due to your weight just wait for a minor bit and you’ll receive this ending.

Ending 7: True Ending

Requirements: Eric escaping, weighing at or below 235.
Optional: Saving either Robert or Charlie, both, or neither.

Similar to the One Survivor ending, except you don’t suffer an injury when you go down the stairs. After you make it to the bottom of the stairs, open the final obstacle and leave the Foyer. Depending on who is saved will result in a variety of endings, however one is labeled as Real Ending.
Update- The Real Ending can only be acquired by obtaining the metallic card in the chimney. TO get this you have to escape the Dreamscape before you’re fed to immobility. To do this you have to first handle the blueberry spider statue twice to receive the copper key (goes into your inventory automatically) and use it to open the Closet Door. Search either the clothes bin of shelf twice before doing the same to the other to obtain the next key (automatically placed in your inventory). Use the Glass key to open the Locked Chest and receive the Joker Key (like the previous keys it’ll move to inventory). Use the Joker Key to open the Ornate door and escape. You will then reveal a note that will lead you to the metallic card.
The rest follow like before, Eric must escape and your weight can’t exceed 300 pounds when you go down the stairs in order to be able to escape the mansion.
The reason why is that when I started making the story, it was originally going to be a story found on Deviantart. In that version both Robert and Charlie do not make it while Ashley and Eric are the only ones to escape (with Ashley of course being forced fed before escaping). While there are several things different (Charlie’s situation was modified, Eric was originally going to be in a Vore trap), I still regard the ending where only Ashley and Eric escape as the canonical ending (although the others are still possibilities).

Despite the stress from trying to finish this before Halloween, I am extremely glad I took the opportunity to go ahead and make this into a text adventure. Hopefully the experience makes the next one I am thinking of a heck more easier.


pretty solid so far!
I hit a snag though, I can’t seem to pick up the green key in the bathroom. it says that I may need it for the second floor, but I can’t take it.

Should be fixed now, can’t believe I missed that…
Edit: Also helped me find another minor mistake, thank you!

So, a couple of things I ran into
Right off the bat, I got this before any other text:
Error running script: Error compiling expression ‘’: SyntaxError: Unexpected end of fileLine: 1, Column: 1

Error running script: Error compiling expression '': SyntaxError: Unexpected end of fileLine: 1, Column: 1
Error running script: Error compiling expression '': SyntaxError: Unexpected end of fileLine: 1, Column: 1
Error running script: Error compiling expression '': SyntaxError: Unexpected end of fileLine: 1, Column: 1
Error running script: Error compiling expression '': SyntaxError: Unexpected end of fileLine: 1, Column: 1

Then later on, just as I locked picked the doors, I got this:

Error running script: Only one wait can be in progress at a time.

After that, hitting continue at the bottom made everyone disappear.
No clue about either of them. Also, as I was going around and talking to people before getting into the mansion, I seemingly randomly switched person.

This is pretty great! I really enjoy the puzzle elements a lot, though I’m stuck on the Blueberry bit while trying to get the best ending, hopefully. Definitely a bit rough around the edges but as a whole this is fantastic. I’m hoping we can maybe get a guide to help us get to the various endings and see all the work you put into it. :slight_smile:

I’ll be honest, there’s a lot of potential, but at the moment it can be very buggy, and it’s not easy to understand what your goal/what you can do is. Also some weirdness with a lack of being able to examine or speak to certain characters.

Edit: Some weird event sequencing happens sometimes. Just entered the house, nothing weird happened and I cant find the totem I found the first time that made weight gain happen, but now charlie is outside by the shed and there’s a note Robert needs to read, but robert is by the door and “too distracted” to take lead.

Don’t worry, going bug hunting. Maybe take a bit to do…

Edit: 1 For Nerdy, that is sadly something I can’t really help with. I kind of figured why it is doing that, but sadly there is no fix as Quest Forums seem to think it is mainly an if statement gone wrong or something (but it is not that). I would love to remove that eyesore but sadly I have no idea how to fix it.
The only one wait issue only happens if you are any character then Ashley when you first enter. Be Ashley and then enter and it should not appear. Everyone disappearing is them going to different rooms, unless they are actually vanishing then that is really wrong.

Okay I was able to update the game, hopefully it runs a bit better.

For MightyHalberd:

I made the hint to the solution a little easier to find, check around the Library for anything.

For Biggirlfan:

Uh due to time constraints I wasn’t able to implement all of the conversations I wanted, so a few were scrapped. Going to need to check a bit deeply for that.

As for the totem, not sure why it didn’t appear for you (as it is visible at the start) but the first time I check it it didn’t allow me to hold it. Thankfully restarting it made it work again normally. But in case it is due to lag, I did put in a few Clear screen commands to help cut down the wall of text (wished it looked better to be honest) in case that is why it was doing it.
Charlie going to the shed is normal, but if she goes there before opening the back door then it is a issue. Robert meanwhile just needs to be in a different room for you to give him command.

Lastly the sequencing is to look random, as the demon said there is a loophole for just about everything. You’re meant to sort of to look around the house with the characters to find things as the demon doesn’t want to give you the answer. That is blue key is next a hint, that when you grab the pole arm that Robert becomes available, and kind of fall into place. Doesn’t matter if Robert or Charlie gets trapped first, it is meant to happen at different times to while certain characters can’t do anything.
I will sorry if it is confusing, once I had a few rest from thinking about this game I’ll do a big update on it.

I love this game, but after some time the game start to have some problem with the weight of the character for example charlie e robert weight disappier and I can ’ not go further to the story (sorry for my english). I don’t know if it’s a my problem or it’s for everyone

OH, I see what you mean! Squashing another one.

Edit: Shite, website not letting me, wait a sec.

yeah i am having an issue with Erics part after BB knocks out Ashley the puzzle is unsolveable, the can is shown right from the get go and able to be open without the scissors which can not be picked up and their is no key in that can to open the door with i assume if that is how you are suppose to complete the puzzle, also if ashley is fat enough and if Eric is not shoved into the closet and knocked out after ashley gets knocked out by BB eric is still in the kitchen as if nothing has happened and by further exploring at this point i go to the lounge to see ashley their and when i switch with her i get an event i assume is for the dinning room?

God… the website is killing me right now. I am fixing but testing if the fixes work is another story…

Okay, smashed those bugs into tiny bits…
I’m exhausted from that, my god. Also did not realize this but you do have to type into the text box to use things, thankfully it is in only one room and you use it only twice The Pantry .
Sorry for the delay.

I’ve hit an odd bug where when I take the clover key, all the doors say they’re locked, including the one that i opened to get to the bush in the first place. It even says the heavy door is open when I tell it to open.

So I’m basically stuck in the area with the prickly bush.

Nice job all the bug that I found in the later version are fixed💪🏻. I’m stuck with eric puzzle some tips?

Seconding this, i opened the can of anchovies and i assume what is in their is the key, but i keep getting “you can’t take it” and when i typed search can of anchovies it said i couldn’t search it, my boy is up to 4040 since i’m doing a failthrough and wanted to see if this was a puzzle with a timed failstate, but if Eric can even W A L K after that i will be surprised, am i missing something or is this a bug?

P.S Are the scissor handles a red herring, cause i try to cut it and it doesn’t work

Ahahaha yeah same problem

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Thank you so much for your quick responses. There’s no rush but there are 3 major issues blocking reaching the good endings. The first is that Terry is never moved to the Large Living Room after Ashley and Eric are captured. The second is that the checks for the endings use isScopeVisible() calls which I think check if an item is in view of the player. These checks always fail, and I think they need to be replaced with getBoolean( characterName (Round Robert or Blue Charlie), “visible”)) calls instead to be able to trigger the endings as they are implemented currently. Also there is a bracket mistake around one of your else ifs that blocks the real ending (where neither are saved), that just needs to have the extra bracket removed. Thanks again for this game I really enjoyed the writing.

I can’t figure out the puzzle with the gas, I found the rust key but I can’t seem to use it to escape?