A Piece of Cake / C'est de la tarte (le français) English Translation [RenPy]

I always made sure to load the untranslated version first before I patched it, I’m not sure what it changes but it seemed to work. If you haven’t done that maybe give it a try.

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It wont show me an option to buy the ice cream shop after buying the laboratory is this normal or suppose to happen?

Or may been the luxury store buying possibly or when I had looked at it I had not 5 actions im not sure yet.

Reloading a save of mine I did yeah it was cuz I didn’t have 5 actions tho this time I bought ice cream shop first beforehand and man it’s hard to get to become mayor…

i fixed it, i had to reboot my system locale.

I’ve never seen an option related to buying a luxury store, I wonder how I get that? I’ve played a decent amount so far and I have yet to see it come up. It might be like how it is with writing scientific papers and I just need to do something I haven’t tried yet.

I think you can only buy it once your friend mentions that she works there.

Oh crap, I think she inexplicabally died of malnutrition early in my run. Which is really strange because I have no idea how that is possible without some kind of wasting disease, it’s not like she never ate.

Hmm, in 0.16 I remember getting tons of events at the library, and I remember there being more clothing options to buy, I know I just started in 0.18 but my start feels a bit rougher than in 0.16, although of course with the pollution bugs fixed there’s no automatic game over waiting for me in year 10…

edit: I checked the code, and it actually makes sense, in 0.16 being a teacher or a camgirl gave the same type of “fame”, and there is a low lying fame requirement for the library events… but now there’s two types of fame in 0.18 and only one of the two is used for this if statement.

I might have this wrong, but it fits.

It’s so hard to become mayor ngl I’ve tried several times for it to do so but no didn’t get it so far

Every time you fail you’ll gain more followers, which makes your next attempt more likely. Your number of followers needs to beat an RNG roll of between 500 and 50k. Write research papers in between attempts at the mayorship and you’ll get there eventually.

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