Abducted Plus+ (A WGHFY Story)

First just wanted to say I love all the updates you’ve done, makes this one of my absolute favs on this site.

Wondering though if there is something I’m missing about the Exhibitionism events as I’ve never been able to get them to trigger. Are there more pre-requisites beyond getting the jumpsuit?

EDIT: Ignore, triggered literally as soon as I posted this lol.


Aside from changes to the event where you are stuck in the shower, is anything changed by maxing out ADDI’s affinity?


-Wow, thank you so much~ That means a lot.
-Kind of related since you already answered your question lol; once I come back from my break the next update does have a few more coming to make the toggle more ‘useful’ and are separate from the jumpsuit.

-Not yet, I am sorry. For now it’s just the shower scene as you saw, more will come with time.
-Some what related, a contributor has created some nice content for her that will come out with the ‘stay in bed’ revamp (Functions similar to the ‘laze around and watch tv’ couch stuff).