Abducted Plus+ (A WGHFY Story)

I have a lot of fondness for the caring enthusiastic pampering of the shorty fats protag from their new community, it’s soothing. Tiny superchubs are a rare favorite of mine so stuff like the bird treants in the outdoor zone are a treat!

Will there be any potential content like that in the future with your social circle, like ADDI making a very large projection for whatever reason to mess with you with?


Future-Future brain-case content (Zone 5). Has something similar and along those lines, but within the normal social circle I technically didn’t have anything planned.

But messing around the PC by any means possible is ADDI’s jam and since it seems people like that sort of content I will add that to my list of stuff to add when i can~


I have a great deal of admiration for your contributions to this game and the bevy of options for character creation. I am eagerly anticipation the next release.

Also a favorite scenario of mine is when chubs get so big they forego pockets and use their own folds for storage space. Would it be too cumbersome add something similar given how big the PC can get and their usual lack of clothes, or usable pockets?


You gotta store those food vouchers somewhere right? That will make a nice little addition for the next weight levels when I come back, I like it~

PC will just have to be careful not to lose them in… Well- themselves! Next thing you know, gonna start finding some you forgot about.


I thought PC still had an underwear after loosing their clothes.
Never been said it went away! Stretchy, and used to stock the vouchers in.

Even if it meant in late weight levels, must’ve been stressed by the blubber so much it’d be comparable to a tong or some.


Game is amazing so far!
I do have a question
Is the tour mission (the one where you wake up in a dark room) supposed to be an end of the game as of now, or did i miss something and you can complete the sequence without being blown to bits at the reactor room?


Just keep playing, to answer it a bit obliquely.


i think im just genuinely confused, but i feel like im doing a lot of “wander around lab”…is that what im supposed to be doing? im close to day 70, 300+lbs…am i missing something?


Just got to get really fat.
How fat you may ask??

If I recall correctly you have to hit 650lbs


You gotta hit 750 lbs before the transition to the next phase of the story.


ive gotten to part 2 and around 1400 lbs, but gaining is so slow now that I have to spend days just eating to make any progress, ive found some events that give little boosts but cant regularly get them. I am trying to increase my frendships in the hopes of new events. I am trying to figure out how to raise it with ADDI, also cant figure out what to do with the cafeteria worker as there seems like I should be able to do something.


I have raised my friendship with ABBI, just by talking to them and checking messages every day.


@Justsomethrowaway @Cordite Thank you very much, I am glad you are enjoying it thus far~ In-case you haven’t done so yet, as Cordite said “just keep playing” is correct.

@goddamnkaibaman @gnomemercy118 750lbs is correct.

@LupusGamer “Just got to get really fat.” - This is some sound advice right here. Respect.

@ManEatingChair The gaining shouldn’t be slowing down, the only reason a pc’s weight gain would be slowed is if they are not stuffing themselves or at the very least, filling up their stomach as these lead to larger stomach capacity or the very least maintain it. Waking up and 'Staying in bed ’ will slightly shrink your stomach as you are not stuffing yourself or at least ‘filling up the tank’ - The same applies to going to bed while not full or stuffed.

So in short, bigger stomach = bigger gains (and vise versa).

You raise ADDI’s affinity just by interacting with her, all npc friendships work this way (Level 2 and beyond only gets notable chunks from personal events such as the hangouts). But after that normal ‘wander’ encounters still give a teeny bit, as small amounts overtime add up.

Cafeteria worker has more content in the future - there isn’t necessarily something to ‘be able to do’.


last pain in the butt questio. - is their currently a max weight where the story stops progressing/finishing? its be a lot of fun since breaking through chapter 1


Max weight - No. However, no new descriptions of the PC will appear after you reach 1,500lbs (1.5k being the last one).

The rest of the story is time/exploration based. Once you enter chapter 3 and unlock Zone 3, you have full access/sandbox control of the current content.