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Untitled Furry Fighting Game is a fighting game in a similar vein to Marvel vs Capcom 1.

The fetishes my game contains or will contain are:
Fat furs, Squashing, Facesitting, Gasing, Vore, Giantess

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You’re using MUGEN? Because MUGEN is probably the easiest way to to this kind of project

Yes I am using MUGEN for this.

And when will it be possible to download?

Its been possible to download for a long time.

Sorry, I found this game now, can you please give me a download link?

This post should have the download

@ondra8rabbit @Solstice273 The video post have the downloads as well as the explanations for the character. I’m sorry I get confused by the branching topics here but I’ll try to make the links more obvious in the future.

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Here’s some progress on a character I have coming pretty soon. He should be pretty fun and provide a lot of contrast with my already existing characters.

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Rapid will be designed to have interactions with Bertha. Who is already playable.

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I feel his gameplay is solid already but he still needs just some touch ups.

Let me know what you think of him so far.

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If HARD difficult is one of your fetishes… This is your best game!

You can always tone down the difficulty in settings.