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Welcome to Limbo! Unfortunately, you are dead. But that doesn’t matter. Enjoy the liminal wonders of Limbo! A disorienting eternity of indulgence and danger! Eat and be eaten to your hearts content! Submit yourself to morally questionable scientific testing! And uncover the dark forces battling for supremacy over this little slice of infinity!

See link on itch dot io below! Or…

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Christmas has come early this year! I’ve been waiting for a while for this to come out, can’t wait to play it, from the streams and the screenshots it already looks phenomenal!

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So great to see this project expand. Congrats!

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Finally full realise. I was waiting for this since the old version came out. My wallet is ready. :money_mouth_face:

Now THIS is a Christmas present! I can’t wait to play this!

I can’t believe SFRPG is a Quintet game now

Really enjoying this! I do have a bug to report, though. Should I put it here or are you planning to have a dedicated thread?

how do i increase capacity?

Keep working on gaining weight. Every time you reach a new (permanent) weight threshold for the first time, your capacity will go up by 5 points.

There’s a bug report form in the post! Please report all bugs there so I can keep track of them.

Oh, OK! Thanks, I missed that.

is this a remake or sequel to the original sfrpg?

It’s pretty much a remake. More content, more polish, but the overall feel and design of the game is mostly the same as the original.

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Absolute banger of a game, already in love with the stuff
So was wondering if I could just use one of the generic wolfs / colored ones for a character?
Or if that’s just off limits

You mean making an OC? I don’t mind anyone making characters/content of the monsters and universe tbh I love it!

The only characters that have any kind of restrictions are the named ones (and that’s mostly because several of them aren’t mine). But the monster species/types are free game for anyone to make things of.

(Spoilers) Anyone managed to break the scale with the chocolate factory bosses yet to skip the fight? Never managed to in all my resets

Is the world total a secret value? or is there somewhere I go to see it?

In future updates, will normal enemies have more than one “full sprite”?

The walkthrough that comes with the game says that the world total is, indeed, a secret value. But you can get an approximation of it by how fat the NPCs are.

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Yea! Feed the Jackal

Hope that helps.

Edit: Never mind, this was before the fight even begins. oops!

I think they mean skipping the fight like in the walkthrough says. if you’re too fat the scale breaks and you win without a fight apparently!

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