Super Fatty RPG - (complete remake!)



FIRST! All my past dropbox links got broken. I’ll be throwing them on or something later.


SECOND! YES! I am remaking SFRPG. Things have been in progress for a while and I’ve been too lazy to go around and make announcements about it. Below is a general FAQ post I made if you wanna read up.

[ FAQ ]

shot1 shot2 shot3 shot4 shot5 shot6

(edit: added more screenshots) Look! Some screenshots!

There’s a playable version available NOW for the $8 “game dev” tier!
I try to make regular, monthly updates to keep things fresh until release! Also, I love to chat with folks in the discord for ideas, testing, and general input on game development (and memes)

Also, for just regular patronage you get sneak peeks on sprites and other development work! (as well as dozens of exclusive art posts and packs from previous game projects!)



THAT’S ALL FOLKS! Feel free to ask questions and maybe I’ll remember to come on here and answer them! The best place to keep on top of updates is on the Patreon but I’ll do what I can to pop back in here with updates as well! I hope ya’ll will enjoy what we have in the works!

I’ll prob come back with more screenshots to show off later or somethin’.


Good luck. can’t wait to see what you decided to go with for a plot


Do you have an idea of what the final remake might cost on release? Assuming you’ll be selling it, that is.


nice to see the best fetish game I’ve played get a remake.

how big in comparison to the original are you planning to make it? or is that not decided yet or a trade secret

also one fun thing I would hope to see is low level areas that can’t support your hunger when you are bigger. I once did some save editing to get extra powers and found it fun that I starved to death at the low level areas because there weren’t enough food for me there


I like this game! If there’s anything I’m looking for to, I would like for background music and maybe some weight gain sfx to be implemented in the remake. I remember that there were some sort of audio issue in the original, but I’d still played it nonetheless.

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Well, I was not expecting this - looking forward to it!

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A question about the remake is that if in the fights, the texts were changed to images where we can see what the protagonist does or what they do to them?

Or at least the text that describes the actions will be much more polished instead of being texts that cover the whole screen as sometimes happens?

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Honest question: why? Not that I don’t think there’s any merit to this project or that I don’t look forward to seeing what comes of it, but the original was already really good, and this sounds like it’s going to build on the original concept in great detail with entirely new stuff (PREGFAT GANG RISE UP). Don’t get me wrong, taking one of the best games hosted here and making it better is hardly a bad thing, but I would have been just as excited, if not more excited, for something totally different.

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Is this what I expected to happen? No.
Is this what I wanted to happen? Not really, original game was good enough as it is.
Am I EXCITED for this remake? HELL YEAH

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The original was never “finished” and that’s always sort of itched at me. It was also my first project ever so I did a lot of stuff badly, for lack of a better way to put it.

Now that I have much more experience in code and game-making I want to revisit my first project and actually finish it like I intended. Unfortunately, due to said “badness” I can’t just go back into the old project as-is. It’s literally necessary to build it from the ground up again.

There was a lot I COULDN’T do in the past and now I can. A lot of ideas I abandoned last time are finally going to be included (such as pregnancy). This “remake” is basically what it Should Have Been all along.

Also also, I just personally really loved working with that world and concept and wanted to go back. Honestly don’t be surprised if I come back to this project again in the future lol.


will the whole path to godhood thing talking about in that book from the hotel be a thing? or would that be removed

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ao let me guess we have to pay with money for it like that job one?

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Unfortunately due to the restrictions of RPG maker (and especially VX ACE which I am using) I’m very limited in what I can/can’t show in battle. I’m trying out some ideas but I don’t want to confirm anything on that front yet.

It might be a bit of a disappointment to hear, but I’m actually cutting BACK a good chunk of the writing from last game. Instead, I’m focusing more on art and gameplay mechanics to “do” or “see” your actions more than have them described at you.

Honestly, cutting back the writing is just plain necessary as in my last projects they cased the biggest bloat of the workload and time. I personally do not care to do the writing and I can’t afford to commission as much as would be needed.


I do plan on actually finishing the plot I hinted at, yes. But you’ll have to wait and see about details on that~


Currently I’m hovering around $3-5 like the previous game. This one is starting to be bigger and, taking longer than my last project so it might lean more towards $5.

However, just like all my projects I do plan on making a download of the game free to ALL patreons, even the $2 tier.


Actually is better focucing more in the art and gameplay part because a image tell more than 1000 words, specially in a fetish game.


Local hound from underground with questions
Will we be able to decide on the gender of our total sucker of a protagonist
What other fetishes are you going to add to them game besides weight gain, breast expansion, blueberry and pregnancy
Will inflation(liquid, gas, or both) be amongst them
Will the gum gun be able to shoot other things
Another will we be able to inflict these expansions on our foes
Are romance options on the table and fattening up the other characters besides the bunny girl
And a personal curiosity but are there going to be a couple more female enemies going to be added to the game such as wolf cheerleaders
Will we be able to make a total sucker out of someone eventually instead of us being the sucker
Another will there be a wonka parody(this one is most likely no but shoulder shrug worth a shoot)
Ps what platform are you going to sell sfrpg-rm on

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I do believe blueberry will be a thing

Blockquote 2) Expect the same general weight gain mechanics (I mean like, not much to change from “eat more and get big”) and even effects like “werewolf”. I’ve also been adding new effects like “pregnancy” and “blueberry” so look out for that~

from the FAQ


As much as I enjoyed the last one, I am hoping that this one will be bigger (heh) and better than before. Either way, I look forward to seeing what becomes of this.

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FUCKING POGGERS! I hope we can eventually eat the cows this time!

And when it’s done, would I HAVE to give a monthly donation, or could it just be a one time payment?