Another Japanese chubby game

I saw people posting different fat games that were on pixiv, and a fat artist I follow on twitter retweeted this one that actually includes a screenshot of a cute chubby girl, and I don’t think it was posted here yet. I don’t know what’s it called cause I can’t read japanese and I don’t trust google translate to be accurate, but here’s the pixiv link for the game.


Yes i wanted to do a thread about it i used the rpg translator to translate the older version of the game. This new version is way better with artwork that’s something that wasnt here during the older version. I will contact the creator to say that we did a tread about his game. I’m so happy he didnt stopped is the devellopment of his game because it’s for me quite a good weight gain game and now with artwork in it it’s really insane. Enjoy the game as i enjoyed it!!!


Oh so it’s translatable? I’ll see if I can get Translator++ to work on it.

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Worked well for me. Giving it a first actual pass, but the files I glanced at looked good.

So can anyone give a synopsis for this game and any relevant info or?

So, I ran it through Translator++, it works, and so far no crashes(although I accidentally got the good end after four weeks when cheating some cash in)

Although, sometimes the machine translations are hilarious, because in one of the scenes, Kilograms is replaced with kilometers.
So the girls are arguing over how many kilometers they gained, this amuses me for some reason.

I’ll post the translated version for people

Some tips to help with the gain, you can ramp stuff up, and make the girls eat more at the restaurants by buying snacks at the little merchant tent next to the Blacksmiths, it will make eating at the restaurants more expensive, but you’ll get those gains pretty quick, and it will improve your chances with a little contest that happens ever couple of weeks.

Cerebus, the basics of it is two adventurers come into town trying to raise some dosh to fight the demon king.
Your mission is to screw them over through gluttony, or speed them along by earning lots of money doing subjugation quests.
You get three restaurants, fancy to the far left, normal in the middle, and a bar to the right, I see no difference between the bar and the regular restaurant, but the fancy one costs twice as much.


The restaurant causes Shall (the warrior) to gain more weight, the bar causes Folte (the mage) to gain more. The same is true for the consumable items, with meat giving more to Shall and beer giving more to Folte. In addition to different scenes happening faster, you’ll get different endings depending on how fat or thin each is.


Is there a way to switch in Folte in the eating contest? She seemed to lose because Shall was the one doing the eating.

Now if only I could activate it on my phone
I most definitely do not like my computer being kaput
So any know how to run an executable on a phone

Can’t help you there, sadly, my phone experience is pretty much using a phone as a phone.

As for switching who competes, I don’t think so, sadly.

So there’s a time limit?

Sort of.
You get four weeks at the start to make up the cash, but that gets pushed back indefinitely if you spend more and more cash on food.

image liked this a lot more than I thought I would even got all the ending thanks for sharing

so on my second playthrough I wanted to get Shall as fat as possible but I seem to have hit a bug, I got an error that it couldn’t load something from the characters folder, I checked and there is one file that is just a jumbled mess of symbols, is there a way to fix this.

so what does the fancy restaurant do then? does it make both of them gain weight?

I believe you need to extract the game with your locale to set to Japanese. Should extract it as it’s meant to.

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The fancy restaurant adds the least weight. Without delving too deep into the game’s mechanics, Folte and Shall each have an appetite value, and whenever you eat at the normal restaurant or the bar, they’ll gain an amount of weight based on that value, with the restaurant having a higher multiplier for Folte, and the bar having a higher multiplier for Shall. The fancy restaurant results in a 1kg gain for each of them, independent of appetite value.

Does anyone know how to beat alll eating competition yet?

You need Shall to be quite big. Not sure on particular numbers, but if she’s fat enough. She’ll win pretty easily.

idky but I either get too fat and a scene show up or run out of money that what get me stuck , sorry