Anthro Versions of the Sites Mascots!

Good day everyone! I would like you all to meet the Anthro versions of Wilton and Ganache!

We try to be as inclusive as we can around here and we have been meaning to try to get Anthro versions of the site mascots for the more furry side of the community for quite some time. We where very lucky that @Volkenfox was kind enough to make these alternate versions of Wilton and Ganache for us! We hope that you all will enjoy them as much as we do!

Full refs and assets can be found here:


What species are they?

They are pretty nice. I like 'em. :smiley:

Wilton looks to be a lizard and Ganache a house cat… Maybe.

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Thats about on the nose XD Happy you like them!

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Awesome :smiley:

Will there be a front, side and rear view of them?

Maybe in the future but thats about all we can get out atm XD

The human refs are a bit more details and much can be translated between the two luckily so should act as a good in-between for now

Aah okay.

Their names fits well, all cake related. x)

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Is it okay if I draw the house cat person as a dog or something else?

Its up to you if you want. We have no rules that say you can’t after all