Any game where you get berated / humiliated for gaining weight or at least you get treated / talked to differently based on your weight?

Are there any games where you can gain weight and NPCs start to treat you differently? Not to an absurd cartoony degree, but differently compared to when you were slim. (Preferably with female player character)


worshippers of the gain is a good example that comes to mind! if you don’t mind, it’s a furry game, though. you can fatten yourself, and the townspeople!

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First game that comes to mind for me (at least for the talking to the player differently part) is Tramp.


furry is a hard no for me :sweat_smile: had some pretty bad experiences with the community


If it isn’t too bothersome could you give me some rough examples of how much the dialogue changes based on that?

Depends on the NPC, since each one has differing opinions on weight. For the most part, they just make comments the first time they’ve see that the player has gone up a weight stage, I’d have to run through it again to see if there’s any other big changes in the way they talk to the player aside from a few characters.

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Fill me up has a female protag that can gain weight and there are a good amount of girls in the story that will react and treat the MC differently as the stages and story progresses. Including berating, humiliation, and dialogue related to increase and change of weight.

Feeder Fantasy’s English translation + mods has maybe three or four Npcs that will react to the player with very limited dialogue at different player sizes. One NPC will encourage and feed the player if allowed so there is a bit of dialogue related to weight size there that would be the exception but it’s still more minor. Note I included the english Translation here as the original is by fallboy is in Japanese and has a male MC with character art. The translation changes the MC to female with no art and only sprites.


Sarah Goes to College has moments of this, both in the feature complete original and in the polished but incomplete remake

Spoilers for original

Multiple instance of Mom showing concern for main character Sarah’s weight, leading up to a fat-shaming clothes try-on on the cruise
The on-campus doctor will give you mean looks and urge you to get on a diet regimen
Hanging out with certain dormmates will cause Sarah and that NPC to comment later in the year on the weight they’ve gained
Going to the pyramids with your dad will put you in contact with an admittedly cartoonish fat-shaming couple
The final pool meetup with your childhood friend has different dialog based on how big Sarah has gotten

Spoilers for remake

Like the original, hanging out with certain dormmates will cause Sarah and that NPC to comment later in the year on the weight they’ve gained
One dormmate will make mean comments about Sarah and her friends if they gain
Mom fat-shames even more than in the original, in a “you will not embarass me in front of everyone” way that may hit too close to home for some folks


Well, if you want people commenting on your weight and what not…the Fable series actually works.

Tried them out, tho the site keeps freezing and have to restart…

Really? I played them but I don’t remember anything like that other than 1 door in… fable 1 I think… that wanted you to get fat in order to enter.

Sorry, I should have mentioned, that’s kind of a known drawback with Quest games. If you have Windows, I recommend downloading the Quest player and the game file. Offline play is much more stable


You could be given the nickname Salad Dodger for getting to max fat.
Nicknames effected how people spoke to you, if I recall.