Any games or animations with fat furry men?

Sup, just want to point out if theirs some good animations or games with male fat fur weight gain? since I am quite interested with how much there is that I may have not have sceen.

SFRPG? werewolf transformation.

Tribal Hunter on steam

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There’s the Gain Jam winner Cheetahs Are Meant To Be Fast of course. Absolutely worth trying if you haven’t yet!

nice nice~ liking these things~

I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in the lack of Furry content in Weight Gaming. Surfing through so many games I’ve no interest in just to find one or two games with the “Furry” tag, and even then, they might have HUMAN playables and furry ANTAGONISTS. Even some of the ones that do exist disappointed me. As a fan of fatfurs, it just makes me feel sad. :frowning:


Fat fetish content is niche.

Furry fetish content is niche.

Specific furry content? That’s even more niche.

So, you’re looking for specific niche content in an already niche genre. It’s hardly surprising there’s not much here that appeals to you.

Instead of saying how disappointed you are with what’s out there, why not do something about it? Perhaps write your own game to appeal precisely to your taste? With the amount of game engines out there these days, it’s not that hard to produce something. And who knows, it may inspire others to produce similar games.

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Ugh. “Whine! Whine! Someone is stating their disappointment of something! Let’s make them feel like crap! Whine!”

First off: This IS a fat-centric community.

Second: Fatfurs are common among furries. Kinks, in general, are often stereotyped to be SPECIFICALLy a furry thing (which is untrue) but it doesn’t change the fact that many people who are into fat also like anthros. I’m sorry for stating my disappointment in the lack of FAT anthro games in a FAT related community.

Third: that’s what this is: Earthquake Warriors (A game where you can become huge!) - #64 by Baalf
me trying to make something fatfur themed. Heck, I even started working on it again reccently, with one of the people making a custom character for the game finishing up their character and the other… err, has been going through some things, I guess, and I don’t want to push him, but he won’t let me take over, either.

I’m sorry if I sound angry at you, but it’s a pet peeve of mine when someone just decides to comment on someone who shows any disappointment in something and says they wish something existed and say “OH, why don’t you make it yourself, you baby!?”

Okay, I wasn’t aware that you were already writing your own game. I apologise.

That said, I wasn’t whining or trying to make you feel bad. I was a) pointing out that what you’re looking for is very niche and b) (as I didn’t know you had already created a game), trying to encourage you to create one to help fill said niche.

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Sorry about my angry post.

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Dont worry about it :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d like to add one thing, though. Even making a game myself, that’s still 1+ game. As someone who genuinely does not enjoy playing as a human (I often will not even play games where I’m forced to play as my own species) for a shopping list of reasons, it always gets kind of depressing and frustrating seeing the lack of anthro/non-human starring games. Even games that could easily support non-humans with it’s big roster of characters always seem to have an active contempt for anything that doesn’t at least have a vaguely human head. It’s always made worse for me because I constantly have people telling me “it just HAS to be this way/Humans are so relatable and familiar” and a whole bunch of excuses I have to just suffer through because no one else wants characters except for humans/humanoids in their game.

Basically, “You’re on your own,” and it’s disheartening.

I agree, it can be a little disheartening for people to not make content that caters to you, but it can also get a bit grating seeing people complain that people are making what they want instead of what other people want. Especially when it’s phrased in such a combative way. At the end of the day the explanation for why there’s more “thing I don’t like” than “thing I like” out there is because more people like it. Nobody likes getting told their wrong for having a preference, especially when it’s just a matter of taste. And nobody wants to make something they don’t really care about.

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But what people want is the same thing over and over. The same boring human characters, fighting bad guys that are unique and diverse in a World where everything is villainized except humans and MAYBE cats, dogs and horses. I’m sorry that this doesn’t make me happy, but it literally painful seeing this a so often. I mean, geeze. At LEAST do something new with the hero.

No, I get it that you prefer having non-human characters and think humans are boring, but most people don’t. And there’s not really anything wrong with it, it’s not like anthropomorphized creatures are suffering from lack of representation, because they aren’t real. Plus it seems like the problem you have with it is video games in general, not just fetish games, in which case complaining about it here repeatedly is just kinda annoying.
Honestly you’d probably be better off just trying to find more games that you do like because people are going to keep mostly making games about people, and there’s not really anything wrong with that. I think it’s just the bias of your personal preference making is seem like there’s “no good reason” why people aren’t making stuff the way you want it. There’s plenty of reasons, which if I remember correctly you keep shooting down as not good enough despite them all boiling down to personal preference, as if that isn’t enough. That being said, to end on a positive note here’s a few games you might want to try out.


Both of the Ori games
Cave Story
Ratchet and Clank
Pretty much all of Sonic
Earthworm Jim
The Oddworld games
Hollow Knight
Snake Pass
Yooka Laylee
Banjo Kazooie
Mighty Goose
Monster’s Expedition
Baba is You
Any Kirby game
Any Yoshi game
Rivals of Aether
Duck Game
Ultimate Chicken Horse
I Am Fish
Yoku’s Island Express
All the Steamworld games
Super Meat Boy
Any Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game
Frog Fractions
Untitled Goose Game
Night in the Woods
Most Donkey Kong games
Piku Niku
Crash Bandicoot
Sly Cooper
Mad Rat Dead
Gato Roboto
Both Escape Goats
Toki Tori

And these are just the games I’ve played that I can remember, I didn’t even have to go into niche furry games for these. So keep at it! There might be more games that don’t center around humans than you’d think, certainly enough to keep someone entertained for quite a while. Maybe try playing what makes you feel good instead of focusing on stuff that you’ve admitted you don’t like and trying to spread that vibe to others.

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Honestly, I… kinda DO have issue with it. Often times, not only are humans the only goodguys, but EVERYTHING ELSE is depicted as either a villain or existing just for humans to fight or kill, which always comes off as shallow, especially when you consider our role in the real world. Stories are often about just saving the human race, not the world. Non-human goodguys often have to look just like humans, even if it makes no sense. People keep saying it’s “relatable and familiar” but not everyone wants that. And honestly, it’s not, especially as someone who is misanthropic. Someone who relates to animals more than humans. Someone who can’t just accept a human with cat-ears and a tail, or even a human with a pet, but needs at least that one playable character who can just be non-human on their own in order to enjoy a game. It’s a big reson why I can’t enjoy games like Genshin Impact or Star Ocean or Project X Zone. It’s made worse in games that could EASILY have those non-human goodguys just to make the roster more diverse and actually GIVE the heroes a sense of heroism that shows their actions will extend far beyond the human race and benefit life in general, but would rather cater purely to people who want humans and creatures who look identical to humans that may or may not only care about humans and human look-alikes. Because EVERYONE finds that “relatable.” And maybe it’s not true here in Weight Gaming, but the games I complain about usually win GotY, while also overshadowing all the games I do like that have a world deeper than “everything exists for humans to fight.” And oftentimes, it doesn’t come off as “making what you want.” It just comes off as, well, shallow.

Plus, I know I complain about it a lot, but it’s always made worse because people constantly defend the cliches, and it always makes my opinions feel like they don’t have value. Only their opinion is the right opinion, and I just have to deal with media I hate because no one wants a story with a world deeper than “Humans=good/everything else=bad.” Even in media where humans are SUPPOSED to be bad, they’re still the only goodguys and everything else has to be evil and exist just for humans to fight/kill, and when you see it so many times, and people defend it so hard, it gets more and more frustrating and insufferable. I’m sorry:but it’s always going to frustrate me the more I see it.

BTW: I’ve played a lot of those, including the big names, Hollow Knight, Yoku’s Island Express, Mad Rat Dead, etc. Also a few other games like F.I.S.T., Bug’s Fables, Armello, and many others. I do enjoy quite a lot of them. That being said, I’ve never heard of some of those. I might have to check them out. :slight_smile:

you guys doing good here? I don’t want things to get out of hand since this was just a place to look for such things, hell i have plans on making fetish games.

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I appreciate the concern, especially because this tangent threatens to derail your discussion (possibly to a premature closure, given the “Keep it Civil” rule here).

At risk of jinxing it, I think you stepped in at the right time after letting these grievances breathe a bit (Baalf and others have had this debate before). It boils down to the others generally arguing that people are entitled to their opinions and should make games that they themselves enjoy. Baalf’s counterargument is that those opinions (and the games that result) are species-ist. I have not (and will not) choose a side of this debate, because both make good points. Both sides also can get pretty defensive, neglecting the rule of rhetoric that it is “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” [insert Kermit Lipton Tea meme].

To answer your question, though, my personal favorite as far as male fat furs goes is Soft Fantasies, but I can imagine that you are already familiar with Ziul’s popular (“paw-pular?”) VN.

P.S. I usually disapprove of these “I’m looking for a game with [this feature]” threads–they tend to become redundant–, but as long as the inquirer shows that they have already done some research of their own (i.e., they already found some works that at least partially fit the description), I find the requests acceptable. Psst! You get a pass because I like what you are asking for *wink*.


same question but looking for females

already looked at everything that’s easily findable on this site

As much as I appreciate to look for more, I made this specifically because theres a lack of male centered games on here. You should probably post your own discussion.

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