Soft Fantasies by Ziul Walls

Welcome to “Soft Fantasies” A furry visual novel focused on weight gain. Where you take the role of a chubby puppy who just moved to a new city to study in a prestigious academy.
In this new life you will find a great variety of characters with different personalities and tastes. You decide what will happen depending on a wide range of decisions to be made for each chapter.
There will be many different endings. Try to get the one that suits you best.

You can find the free download here.

And some aditional resources here:

You can also find it on Patreon! supporting us even with a single dollar will get you rewards like early access to the novel and custom stickers. Even in-game cameos on the higher tiers!

It’ll be updated monthly in both spanish and english.

Join us on Discord!

This novel contains or will contain:

  • Extreme Weight Gain
  • Extreme Weight Loss
  • Only Gay romance
  • illustrated Oral and anal sex scenes

WONT Contain:

  • Vore
  • Slob
  • Scat
  • Baby fur

Maybe in a future:

  • Bondage
  • Blob
  • Humillation
  • Force Feeding

(copyright notice: this is the translator on behalf of the author)


Nice ~ Thanks for doing an oficial post of the visual novel! I hope everybody enjoy this ~


Will the explicit sex scenes be avoidable or censorable? :3 I don’t ask as a prude, but because this sounds really cool and like something I’d like to play on my YouTube series, Playing By The Pound.


They are censorable, and clearly labeled with an 18+ red mark.


Great! :3 Thanks for letting me know.

EDIT: Had time to look at the Patreon finally. I see how it works! I just have to avoid clicking the red 18+ then, really. Thanks for making the system so clear!

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One other question: do the blue 18+ display ‘bits’ with their non-sexual nudity? Or is it just general nudity?

yes, the bits are shown

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Gotcha. I’ll avoid all 18+ choices then~

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I hope you all are enjoying it n//n and thanks so much!


New update is coming this week! (maybe today or tomorrow!)


I can’t wait for see it

(April 1, 2020) Update day~!
You can go to patreon to download the lastest chapter!


I love this game so far!

I wonder if you can lose weight and become a feeder…

ponders the big questions…


Guys, there is an early version of the newest update! Check out on my patreon ~


Aaaaand here it is the free release of latest version!
Here you can go and download it for free ~

(the link to download it is on the main description of my patreon)


Is it possible to move the save files from the old version to the new one?

Also, mind showing the changelog? Thanks! (Sorry if I sound rude)

Yup, it’s possible, the save files are all called SaveGame_#.vndata and SaveGame_#_Header.vndata in the soft fantasies folder you extracted into.
From v0.0.9 onwards the file will be in appdata/VNM_Soft Fantaies, drag your old .vndata files there to keep your old files.
You can find sorta-kinda changelogs in the discord server. Soft Fantasies Official


New free to play update!!! Now you can play on your ANDROID device!! for more info please read my patreon descripcion, its free ~


Does it work on iOS as well, not just Android?

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