Any idea for making a WG themed strategy game ?

Hey, it’s that guy who just arrived yesterday saying he was a strategy game nerd, asking about WG-themed strategy games. HOW UNEXPECTED.
But yeah, everything’s on the title. To be more precise, I was thinking either about an Advance Wars/Wargrooves-type game, mixing strategy elements and turn-based tactical combat, where you must make two fatties armies fight eachother by recruiting several types of soldiers (maybe with abilities based on their body type ? Like some kind of rock-paper-scissor system like in Vale City), either about a more pacifist, simulator game, where you manage a small tribe and have to “expand” it, if y’all catch my drift.
I have absolutely no programming knowledge whatsoever, so I can’t really promise anything on my end, but I wanted to test the waters with the community and see if it would be something people would want to try. I know there’s a lot of RPGs in the community (from what I could see at least), so maybe this kind of project would be a nice change of pace ?


Well, I have been making a mod for Crusader Kings 2 which can be found in a general games thread that I more or less hijacked. Here’s a list of most of the features implemented thus far: Crusader Kings 2 - 3.0's weight gain - #646 by failmuseum

It’s not quite what you described, but it is a strategy game that has weight gain elements (which I greatly expanded on with my mod).

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I’m playing it actually ! Seems pretty good so far, although I still haven’t seen much of it (still didn’t progress in the WG tiers).
Would you mind if I make an AAR about your mod ? I’m in a pretty fun game with a Duchess of Poitou in Random World, and I thought it’d be fun to share it.

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What’s an AAR? Sorry I’m unfamiliar with the term. Glad you are enjoying the mod :slightly_smiling_face:

After Action Report. Basically, screenshots and explanations on how the game is going on. Could be a good way to show how your mod interact with classic CK2 shenanigans.

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Well, where do you intend on posting it? Just curious.

Dunno, maybe I can post it in the forum directly ?

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weight gaming or the paradox forums? I’m just concerned if it’s in the paradox forums that the attention will attract some less than polite people to cause issues.

Oh no, the WG forum, I’m not lunatic enough to try and post it on the actual Paradox forum lmao

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Oh okay, yeah that would be very helpful then :slightly_smiling_face:

I think this would be a great idea. I’ve played a fair bit of @failmuseum’s CK2 mod - okay, I stopped because it was eating too much time, but I can only think of a few fetish related (not really WG) examples in this genre (just for inspiration you understand):

I’ve always been in favour of slow changes, so the whole strategy game thing really plays well with that.


I think the main reason there aren’t many standalone games is that the AI in a strategy game has to be pretty advanced. Same reason (at least I think) that there’s so many RPG maker games, but very little in terms built from the ground up RPGs.

I played them all (and I’m not ashamed). XXXiv is a great source of inspiration for what I’d like to see in a WG-based strategy game. I should give the other two a go, it’s been a long time since I last played them.
I also reeeeally like slow change. One thing I don’t like in a lot of fetish-based games is that they tend to rush the tf part to jump straight to the porn part, especially for BE. That’s also why I love a lot of games on this site, where the actual gain is what gets the emphasis, rather than the eventual sexy times at the end. And yeah, strategy games are generally slow enough to really play into this progression part, even more when it’s a “build-up” game where you slowly have to grow your empire.

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I love when someone with authority proves to be so relatable! Also: I love puns, intentional or not. Also: Do I spy a Monty Python reference?! :smiley:

Ok, so I started some lonely brainstorming to try and figure out a first concept for an actual, WG/expansion-themed, strategy game.

The Game would be an Advance Wars-esque game. The basis would be pretty simple : the player (and his opponent) have access to both different type of units in a kinda-WW2 universe. They would have artillery, infantry, tanks, planes, and some other stuff (we can go on details when the game is actually set up). Those units could be bought at a base, or just set up at the start of the mission.
Each type of unit would be associated with an Officer, that would be basically the commanding officer on the field for the player. They would act as both characters of the game that would be subject to various expansions, and actual units on the field, with statistics and lvl ups (probably that lvl uping an officer would make them grow, changing both their stats and their appearance.)
For example, you could have an officer comanding your tanks, that would gain EXP and give bonuses to every tanks in your army (bonuses that you could choose in a skill tree maybe ?) AND who would be an unit on the battlefied with much better stats and who could gain a lot more EXP every time they actually fight on the field, but at the cost of putting them in danger. To balance the system and avoid too much exploit, I think I would implement a system where EVERY officer needs to survive the mission, and loosing any of them would lead to a fail, as a way to avoid just throwing your best units on the battlefield and hoping they would make a lot of damages before they actually die.
The player character might also be implemented, maybe not as an unit. If they are, then probably that they would have access to a much bigger skill tree, with possibilites to give bonuses to every type of units, and could probably also choose how they want to grow (don’t take my word for that tho)

So, this is my first actual concept, and although I have NO IDEA how to code, I plan to actually try and make it a reality. I thought about using Unity for this project, and as such if any of you happen to know how to use it, or would know of a better, easier to use or more adapted game engine, feel free to contact me (at least to get ready for thousands of stupid questions from a guy who litterally LIVES in front of his computer but doesn’t know how to use it).
I also need to say that I’m not an artist by any means, so unless a kind soul would be willing to actually draw all that shit, most of the arts would be kiseakaes or things like that.

So, what do y’all think ?

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I love the idea of strategy games and weight gain. I have a couple ideas if you’re looking for suggestions. How about overfeeding your own troops and or civilians in order to keep them happy? Also what about attempting to overfeed enemies to make them slower and less accurate?

What I was thinking was to rip off Fierylion’s idea (and also technically Bewildered Angel’s one) and use food as an enemy, as a way to justify why your troops would gain weight when you fight.
As for civilians, currently I’m not particularly thinking about that, but maybe we could use a system kinda like Advance wars where you generate money by occupying towns ? And that way, I could represent occupation as a civilian gaining more and more weight.

I want to keep the game really simple, mostly because it would be a way for me to learn how to code something.

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I’ve started to work on the concept of the game.

The first basis I’m going with is :

  • 4 different types of unit (Planes, Infantry, Tanks, Artillery)
  • 8 different units (Planes : Fighter/Bomber, Infantry : Leg Infantry/Motorized Infantry, Tanks : Light Tanks/Heavy Tanks, Artillery : Towed Artillery/Self-propelled Artillery). In short, one base unit and one advanced unit.
  • The basis of the battle system would be a kind of Rock-paper-scissor : Tanks are good against infantry, which is good against artillery, which is good against tanks. Planes would be good against everything, but very very frail, and only used as a kind of wild card, or they would be efffective against everyone except artillery, which would be very good against them. Artillery units would be probably OP anyway, since they could shoot from afar and deal damages to everyone, so I think I’ll make them very expensive and pretty rare.
  • 4 Officers would be implemented. I’m currently thinking about giving them all 5 levels. Basically, each levels augments their stats, give them a new appearance (they gain weight), and would give them one Skill Point, that you could spend to give them one ability. I think I would give each character 8 skills to choose from, so every level you would have to make a choice on how to spend your points.
  • I think the game would have something like 8 our 9 missions to complete. It would be a pretty short game all in all.
  • Most of the battles would be resolved by either taking a Victory point (probably behind the enemy lines) or by defeating every enemy soldier (basically, if you can’t produce any troops on the map).
  • The terrain would be important : you could have mountains, hills, plains, rivers, cities… Basically, every terrain would have their specificity, and would give bonuses and/or maluses to units. For example, tanks can’t go through mountains (maybe unless you take a specific Skill points for your Tank Officer), but Infantry can. So if you have to fight a lot of tanks, you could use your infantry to setup an ambush on the mountains and spot the tanks, and then start to bombard them with artillery.

What I’m trying to make like that is to basically give everyone the possibility to choose not only which waifu they want to see gain weight (the Officers will probably be all females btw), but also which strategy to use. You could slowly grind the ennemy with infantry and artillery, you could use a true blitzkrieg and rush behind them, you could use them all in one go and throw some planes in that, you could do whatever you want !

As I already said, it’s still a very early, barebones, group of ideas, and as of now I don’t have anything to show y’all. I’ll try and master some skills ASAP to create this game. Stay tuned !

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I have a suggestion/clarification to make: As far as the commanding officer, will they each have a different stat set? In other words, will one have a higher affinity for attack, and another for defense, etc.? I’d love to see that. Plus, it adds an element of strategy to the game.

It’d also be interesting if different units gained differently-infantry differing from artillery, for one example.

But that’s about all I can contribute at the moment. Hope it’s worth hearing.

It’s what I thought too actually.
In term of stats, you would have :

  • Soft Attack and Soft Defence (against infantry & Artillery)
  • Hard Attack and Hard Defense (against tanks & Planes)
    (both stats shamelessly stolen from HoI4 because I play this game too much)
    And each Officer would grow differently too. Both in term of stats (some characters being better in Soft Attack, other in Hard attack for example), and in term of WG.
    For the Player (if their character is represented IG), I think I would implement a Character creator to allow the player to modify them at will. Although, at this point, it’s very unlikely I actually create this character at the moment.