Are there any degrading/humiliating WG games or completed interactive stories?

Are there are any games or interactive stories (complete interactive stories and not ones with 3 choices then a WIP dead end) where a female character gains weight but she hates it, and it doesn’t lead to anything good?
Something along the lines of “Kate was the cheerleader captain or a great athlete or she was in some kind of good position, then for one reason or the other she started to gain weight even so she didn’t want to, and in the end she ends up being fat and unhappy.”
I kinda like the degrading/humiliating part of WG so I was just wondering if there are any WG games roughly about that.


Well Gaining Perspective features a little bit of that as protag (you) gain weight and is subjected with views from everyone else. There is also a Willy Wonka text adventure where you can have a few characters gain weight against their will (one of them is especially against fat). The last one I can think of is the Master of Flesh text adventure, where a female protag (depending on your choice) will gain considerable weight from a eating a donut and is begins to dread the weight gain as the adventure goes on.


Do you have a link to the Master of Flesh text adventure? I never noticed that was on these forums so I must be blind lol

It is actually under a topic: Looking for Text Adventure Games that went missing after Forum Crash

Look there if you have any questions on what to do, also here is the link to the text adventure (it is on Quest, so be prepared for possible crashes): The Master of Flesh - Play online at

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Not to utterly shameless self promote, but WG humiliation will b e featured a fair bit to a certain trio of characters in my own game. Apostles

Although I do say ‘will be featured’ as the game is still in it’s early stages. Right now it’s more or less the foreplay, but feel free to play for the prologue of it, or perhaps check back in a year or so from now to get a fuller story.

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