Bug report thread!



alright… well i wil play some fitting music during my session. thanks for the info.


I found a couple bugs. At the Frat house, the vampire character changes sprites when you submit to it, turning into one of the Radical Gator characters

I also can’t seem to equip the Cool Shades for some reason :confused:


Is anyone else beating the basement boss only to have the fight start over again?


I’m currently working on the Vampire. Somehow I guess they just didn’t get finished. They revert back to the Gater cuz they’re built off them and I didn’t replace the writing/sprite changes with the appropriate ones. I’ll have them fixed by the next update.

And shoot I didn’t realize the shades were messed up. Those will also be fixed soon.


Have you checked any of my bugs?


Sorry I didn’t get to reply, but I am looking into things~


Hi, do you know the number of wg you must have to trigger WC 100? What is the best way to grind wg? My strategy is to go into the casino with a ton of food and bubblegum and vore the heck outta everyone. Also a couple things I’ve noticed is that when you submit to certain enemies, you automatically submit to any enemy in any battle you go into until you either get the “stuffed” message or when you die.


I’ve also experienced this bug. So far, though, I think it’s only happened in the inner city and in the swamp lands.

Edit: Okay, I think I’ve confirmed one of the encounters that cause the Submit at start of encounter glitch. The Pizza Delivery Gator.


I think i found an exploit were you can do the fight for token 11 again and still get the token.


Meaning that it gives you another token for doing the fight and just counts it completely separately from the first time you beat the boss.


Hey there~! I want to note that the first pat of your question doesn’t really belong in the bug reports and should go more in the general discussion. There actually isn’t any sure fire “best” way to grind, its just whatever works best for you.

and I thought I fixed the submit but I’ll go back through everything again. If you remember or, could make a note of it next time it would be very helpful to know the enemies you submitted to that initiated the glitch. (basically the enemy you submitted to the first time that made you automatically submit to the others from then out)


I am aware of this one too ^_^; in general the disco boss has a lot of issues that I’m looking into. I’ll hopefully have him fixed in the next few days.


Ran into a weird dialogue box glitch. I ran into an Incubus with two Imps at the frat house. I attacked the Incubus, and he was getting fed by his own imps, since they ended up below half health. Then I used the milker to get demon milk from them.

The dialogue box was enlarged there for some reason, but after that encounter, it remains enlarged, making it impossible to see choices when speaking with certain characters. Encountered the Alpha, enlarged and couldn’t see the choices I could make. Went back and talked to Mira at club pink, enlarged and couldn’t see my choices either. Walked around, and my WC went up. Still enlarged, as shown on the image I took.

Help? Returning to title screen didn’t help. Quitting and reopening the game didn’t help. Haven’t tried dying yet, though.

Edit: Okay, dying resets the dialogue box size.


I seem to have found a bug where I can’t roll the giant cow back to the farmhouse even though my Strength is well over 45?


I encountered three that caused this bug: The bat dude in the swamp, The pizza delivery boy, and The imp with the keg.


Yeah dieing resets everything generally. However yes, the incubus/succubus can mess up the text box sizes. Another way to fix it is to go through another dialog with a unique text box size. It should reset the box to normal once it’s done. Basically the suc/inc’s didn’t have a reset at the end. this will be fixed in the next update.


Found a blackscreen bug, it triggers after the restaurant visit with the disco cultist. I do not know if it triggers every time or if it is because I beat the Boogie already.
Also the Boogie fight is weird? I am pretty sure that it reseting is a feature at this point. But I just can’t get his token and he sometimes resets the fight if I kill him before all the cultists.
The token thing is not important because I have max weight at 102 anyway, but I do not know how if I never got his token.
P.S. I am using a version downloaded like six hours after release, and apparently the token thing is fixed.
I still have no idea how I have all the tokens, with Boss dissapearing to somewhere. (Also ciffhangers!!!)


I found a bug that seems to come from transferring saved data from the previous version to the current one where I was able to get an extra token from talking to Mira. If this helps it happened before i talked to the boss face to face and even before giving the needed 10,000 lbs needed for that event to happen.


I’ve done some further experimenting with my issue from earlier, it would appear that the “Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder” is what causes the presumed nil value for milk. It’s an easy fix if it happens to you, just unequip the O.S.B.H, go back to the barn at the farm to get turned back to normal, then choose to go full time again.

In other news, when I turned in the phone token from Mira’s quest the boss said he was going away, leaving me stuck at a maximum WC of 93, now I have no way of turning the token from the disco boss since I hadn’t taken him on yet.


Ok so I think I found another bug, I don’t think we can reach WC 100 in the game. Before this I just thought that I could trigger the level up by going down a weight class, so I initiated the buffet sequence and I went down from 5,023,783WG in WC99 to 1,058,458 in WC 91. I then learned that you need 1114166WG to level up into WC100 but I well passed that before I went down in weight classes. I then grinded up to WC99 again by going to the donut shop. I passed the max exp to initiate the level up again as shown in the picture below, but I’m still WC99. I’m pretty sure that the highest WC we can actually go into in the game is WC99.