Can't Find It; Game About a Cowboy with a Frog Girlfriend That Eats Bugs

I got this video randomly in my youtube recommendations and the game looks really neat, I really want to play it but the video doesn’t give a title anywhere. Does anyone know the name and where I can get it?

Walk with Frog Wife [NSFW] by Burger King ( is the game.


Thanks! I found it just before you sent this reply, amazing how it was made in 48 hours…

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Yeah, I think three of the four games Burger King has listed on itch are like 24-72 hour game jam games.

As forewarning to anyone else, there have been other games shown on Kusemek’s channel that you can find in the list of games.
I was never really a fan of Kusemek locking the names of games behind a Patreon, but there’s not much I can do about it.


Yeah it’s really shitty to have any creator not credit the source as ironic as it is. (Also forgot there was a thread here I would have linked that originally. So here it is as well. Walk with Frog Wife [NSFW] by Burger King - Projects - Weight Gaming)

Comment from that thread by @laphometsu seems pretty relevant as well.

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