Cattle Castle 2

Hello everyone, i’m here on the behalf of the artist Fungal Dragon, whom i asked for permission to post about the current project they, along with others (including myself) are working on.
To give some contexct, last year Fungal Dragon published on the game Cattle Castle, now that game’s content is almost entirely focused on Cowgirl TF, with a slight bit of WG.
Now he’s working on it’s sequel, Cattle Castle 2, i believe this game, due to the increased amount of WG content, would fit for this platform. The game will be published, like the original, on, though this one will not be free.
It should be finished in the next month and if anyone is interested the orignal can be found here. On the page of the game you will also find both his patreon link and his discord for those interested.
For information regarding the udders, Fungal wrote an answer here
Here’s an image of the protagonist of the game: Milly.

And here’s a gameover scene for a specific bossfight:

Since the game is almost fully comleted (missing some endings and voice lines) , and because this post is almost at 5K views (a first for me), i decided to post some more images from the game:


Looks like it could be interesting, judging on the screenshots from the first. Though, I do wonder if the first and this upcoming sequel might have an option to turn off the udders?

udders can’t be turned off sry
But you can turn off the VA

also on the discord server you can see the progress of the sequel

Yeah a slight shame. Udders aren’t my cup of tea either. It does look good if udders are your bag.

Your milk bag! *guffaw*


Yeah…it looks really good, but I generally just don’t do udders. I wish it was a toggle, then I’d be really excited.

Also, unless they’re bad VAs, I wouldn’t have any need to turn them off. Oh well…guess life, and games, sometimes just have the wrong toggles for you.

Oh no the voice acting part is done moslty by professionals. I’m the only one who’s not one.
For the udder part a toggle could be added later as a patch.

I don’t know what to say to that, besides that it would come with my gratitude (for what it’s worth), and would guarantee I’d play it (and wonder if sabotaging the playable character can still let you ‘win’ the game). I don’t mean to add any burden, but I will definitely not pretend I wouldn’t love to see it be a thing (the toggle, I mean).

The game already has multiple endings planned. Mostly for every phase of the TF. And plenty of unique gameovers, some even with minigames.


I saw you put the male tag on the game.
Could you elaborate on what role the male characters will play?
Will there be male cow tfs? or bull tfs?

Mostly the final boss/main antagonist and a “mino-r” boss, then we plan to add, post-release, a patch to play a male character(this section was wrong)
EDIT: There was a grave misunderstanding on my part, there won’t be a patch for a male protagonist. I feel sorry for having made such a mistake.


I’m really sorry i did not intend to make false advertising on the game, this was entirely my own mistake in understanding a conversation about the possible protagonist for the possible sequel to cc2.
Edit: i will also remove the Male Tag to avoid this mistake again

Hiya. FD here, CC2 won’t have a male Protag but CC3 is set to have a Male Protag. However in this game there is an opportunity to grow a dick. But sadly that doesn’t really change the main character’s overall gender expression and is a very small portion of the game.

I also see people are not always a fan of udders, and while I know I can’t cater to everyone’s unique tastes I can offer a future patch if sales are well or if someone pledges a large enough donation where the users can toggle udders off and on of characters. (I say this only because we’re very late production and I haven’t made the game in such a way that replacing the udders would be in any way easy or time efficient. My apologies!)
In leau of those points I really hope people will enjoy it as it is! I aim to please and I hope to keep the cost affordable to everyone who plays! <3

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Thanks for explaining clearly to everyone, i’m not good at that.