Champ in the making! A competitive eating adventure

I’ve had this simple idea brewing and stewing in my head ever since I stumbled upon this site. I’d personally love to see a rather simple game in twine or RPG maker where as the player controls a character looking to eat his/her way to the top! I have seen eating contest across various games and the closest scratch to my itch has been games like SFRPG, SURF THE BELLY, and Vale-City. While I do enjoy the games I simply wish the gains were more permanent.

I am honestly open to any suggestions for other games that may scratch this competitive itch otherwise, I be more then willing work alongside someone in the future to create something new. I have mad respect for every content creator on the forum so please do no see this as me demanding anything of anyone! Just food for thought if anyone is looking for a simple project.


Eating contests are definitely a very nice idea for a game. Would totally play that.

What might be interesting to you is The Next Big Thing

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Yes. Would love to see a classic “birth of a legend” story about an ambitious hopeful clawing their way up the competitive eating circuit. Do they have the guts to go the distance?

The tricky part is to how to settle on gameplay that evokes the challenge and complexities of competitive eating and the rigours involved when it comes to training. A game that actually touched on this aspect pretty successfully was VagrantSlime’s Princess Goblin Story. I even praised it at the time on this very fact.


Ah yes! I nearly forgot about that game, I really should have placed in the list above but, unfortunately the name escaped me!

While not exactly an eating contest, there’s an old Gain Jam game called Throw Your Weight Around that kind of fits the description. It’s more of a management sim and pretty bare bones but involves managing a team of characters’ weights for a wrestling competition. It’s made in renpy and is largely description based but only takes 10-15mins to complete so it’s work a quick play.

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