Coven of Calahree, Now Live! (v1.1.1 (Public Demo Available)]

Has the Fat House Wife quest changed?
I didn’t get an option to choose between her striking out on her own, or staying with her sisters.
This is on the Steam version.

Just wanted to say thanks for the game. Picked it up on steam, had played the demo before to barrelled through that and then enjoyed the new content. I remember one bug


At the start of one of the mid/late chapters if you need to go home to change from your waitress output to witch. I foolishly went into the cave, then temple started dialogue early and transported to home from there. I then got stuck on the transportation circle.

Sorry this is from my poor memory. I just loaded an earlier save and did the correct order. I think it just needs a block to say you need to go home to change first, before entering the cave.

So I finished the game and want to say that was really great ! Possibly one of the best game here.

But I’m actually confused about something. You talk about some Dev room but I don’t really understand where is it. Is that the abandonned house that need a codde in Chapter 6 ? If yes, where are you supposed to get the code because I never seen a code anywhere in the game.

It was changed - originally, I wanted to have those options affect the endgame. But when it came down to it, it was either get the ending that we got for her or just have all of the maids in town be fat as a baseline.

In the spirit of simplifying things, I just went with the option that offered the most, arc-wise.

Don’t worry lol, I fixed it! Now the only way into the temple in chapter 5 is via those summoning circles :slight_smile:

I’m so glad that you enjoyed it!

The Dev Room is available in all chapters. If you look in the cave system just outside of town, you’ll find a chest that asks for a secret code. The secret code can be found digit by digit on all of the key items that you get from the Shady Merchant woman.

Honestly though, I would still enjoy seeing a bad-end for the protagonist as well. Especially since the other sisters had one each.

Does anyone know where the item the fortune teller is talking about. It is in a magical place near a queen? In Chapter 5.

Hello, I loved the game, I finished the demo and now I bought it on steam and it was a great job, sorry if this message gets confusing English is not my native language and I’m even training I’m Brazilian :slight_smile:


Your English is great, keep up the hard work!

Your English is great - I’m very glad that you enjoyed the game!

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You won’t be able to get it until after Chapter 6. If you don’t find it in Chapter 6, it’ll be available to find in the Epilogue.

Thank you was looking everywhere and thought I was dealing with a bug, good to know it wasn’t.

Hey kids - a little update on Coven of Calahree, as well as my new project Cicada Springs.

There are going to be months where I’m literally just backtracking and writing in storylines based on conditionals like gender, jobs, and relationships with the other characters for CS. It’s very indepth and requires a lot of work on my part. I’ll have a demo ready soon (which will get its own thread) but that’s besides the point for now.

So in order to help spice up these months that don’t progress the story forward, sometimes I might do a patch for Coven of Calahree. The goal is definitely still to do monthly updates on Cicada Springs. But on months where that’s not going to be very interesting at all, I plan on doing a Bad End for a chapter or two of Coven of Calahree.

Later tonight, I’ll be posting an update to the first Bad End (chapter 1) on my Patreon, and it’ll be posted as a free update for everyone who has already purchased it either on Steam or the itch store.

It was going to be more, with a tweaked Chapter 3 bad end, but RPG Maker decided that my files were corrupted and I lost progress on both of them. After reconstructing Chapter One’s bad end from a video that I took (thank God lol) I decided that I should just go ahead and post the version and touch up Chapter 3 the next time I need to do an off month.

So, tl;dr, more CoC content coming, the “boring parts” of the new project are getting worked on, and Chapter One’s bad end may or may not include Fat Gabby.


Bad ends? Those are the absolute best you mad man!

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Ohhhhhh now that piques my interests.

Hello, i am stuck at the start, oops, i cannot buy the beer i need to get the hero. I remember in the demo starting with gold but in the 1.1.1 i don’t, so i am not sure how to buy the beer. Could you give me a hand? sorry if it is obvious and i just missed it.

If you head north from the witches’ tower you’ll see a grassy path. Just follow it to open a chest with gold in it. Just mind the random encounters, but you should be able to handle them no problem.

“Hey kids”? Coven of Calahree is not for kids because reasons. what happened to “Hey adults”? (I am not nitpicking; I was just making a joke)

Because Bobo is our father, hallowed be his name.

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