Coven of Calahree, Now Live! (v1.1.1 (Public Demo Available)]

Uh… I don’t want to think about it anymore.

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Back at it again - this time with a smaller update than last time.

Last month, Cicada Springs needed all of the attention. But this month, I managed to work out a quick update for the Chapter 2 and 3 bad ends so that they’d all fit thematically with one another. There are no new scenes added, unfortunately.

However, this is the first time that the Mac version of the game has been updated since launch! Moving forward, Mac and Windows updates will be happening at the same time.

Next month, in addition to having a Cicada Springs demo for everyone to play, I hope to have a Bad End for Chapter 4 ready as well.


Hey everyone! I’ve added a new update to Coven of Calahree - it’s mostly a small change, with new facesprites for Lady Death, but also with a new Bad End for Chapter 4! Three more chapters to go, and every chapter will have a Bad End. If you’ve already downloaded the game on Itch or Steam, it should just be a free update!

And, later this month, I’ll have the Cicada Springs demo ready for the public! I’ll be starting a new thread rather than just continuing here, but further updates to Coven of Calahree will continue to be posted here on this thread as they happen :slight_smile:


doing Lady Dienro quest and I’m stump were a key item is for her she says queen but i cant find the merchant in the fairy realm so did i just miss her or I’m smooth brain and went to the wrong place.

I’ll give you an unspoilered answer and a spoilered answer!

Unspoilered: there’s more than one “Queen” character that you’ve met in the game! Someone who rules over a different land than Aemple, and one who holds a lot of power.

Spoilered: Check Pandemonium. There should be a chest near Lady Death’s castle.

So I just fought the final boss and there was a chest before it that said that I should come back later if I wanted the secrets in it, is it possible to find it after ending the game or was it the developers room chest? Also is there an ingame way to see all the fat sprites used for the game? I’d like to see lady death again :3

That was the Developer’s Room chest lol - I figured that being able to go in and out of the Dev Room during the final act would have killed the mood.

As far as an ingame sprite sheet, unfortunately no. I could toy around with putting something in the Dev Room though!