Crusader Kings 3: Weight Gain and Consequences

WGaC effect’s events so I think it may break, but Im not sure completely, it also effects modifiers, and adds traits so not completely sure.

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Took the plunge and bought this while it was 50% off. God knows when I’ll find time to play it, but I’m looking forward to seeing what the mods do at some point :slight_smile:

CBO has been updated again, decided to try an ambitious load order but it didn’t pan out. Might make another attempt later, but needless to say, this mod is pretty far behind now and needs work to stay functional.


Yeah WGaC is broken, ran it alone without CBO and got a CTD.

Guess we’re stuck with version 1.8.2 until it gets updated.

Update: I was able to get WGaC running and some events and decisions still seem to work. The big issue I’m having at the moment is the Ui being broken in some spots.

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afaik no, it’s mainly just the community that’s trying to keep the mod somewhat functional with all the new updates and dlc. A shame too I really liked this mod and how it combined two of my most favorite things


After finally testing, WGaC isn’t broken just yet. It still launches by itself and (unless some events trigger crashes) still functions as normal, it’s only the visual side that’s broken (which tbf is the main focus but shush). Without CBO (the last update was to 1.8, which crashes when trying to launch in 1.9) characters above -50 weight look a bit wonky, and above -25 are broken messes. Unless CBO changes its genes if/when it updates to 1.9 then WGaC should just work on top of that, maybe some changes to the GUI or events needed.

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The creator of Body Overhaul does update the mod thankfully so it should happen eventually

Haha, yeah, I made an account for the sole purpose of commenting on this.

WGaC works okay without Mange’s CBO, and, in fact, the men’s Iberian Christian outfits look way cuter sans CBO.

For some reason, CBO positions the belt more toward the middle of the belly.

Problem is, CBO also adds geometry to the models, which is why they look super janky at higher weights and why I’m eagerly looking forward to Mange’s update. (I’d post some more screenshots, but new users can only upload one media item, it says.)

I’m also having issues with this mod somehow messing up the window where you can see your stats and also doubling the portrait instead of showing the monarch’s partner. I know it’s related to this mod because when I take it off, it works fine again, but it’s entirely possible it’s also interacting with another mod that hasn’t been updated yet; I’ll need to play with it and find out.

Anyway, I love this mod, and if OP or whoever else wants to continue it again and would like some help, I’m here for that. I have a lot of experience in writing and some in coding, though I’ve never worked with CK3 mods. If not, that’s totally okay and thank you so much for the mod.

someone needs to make a video on how to install it all

  1. Download mod
  2. Extract mod
  3. Place extracted files (weight_gain_and_consequences folder and weight_gain_and_consequences.mod file) in Documents → Paradox Interactive → Crusader Kings III → mod
  4. Launch game & add mod to playset
  5. Profit

Do the same with CBO but make sure to launch the game in 1.8.2 through Steam Library → CK3 → cog icon → properties → betas → select 1.8.2 from the dropdown menu. In the playset make sure to place WGaC below CBO, and both of them at the bottom of the load order.


I hope this gets updated sometime in the future. Not only is it one of the relatively few projects here with male weight gain content, the recent changes to events and even things like the harm events mentioned in the recent dev diary seem like they could be incorporated in a really neat way.

Even if none of that happened though, making the mod compatible with the changes to the ui in the current version would be a lifesaver. When i fired up the game with this mod installed last time, I couldn’t see any traits in the character panel and I wasn’t able to change my councilors.

I know there are a lot of things involved in creating and maintaining a mod like this so I do understand why development hasn’t continued. I just really like this project and the game that it’s made for.

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The doubling-up is almost certainly due to window_character.gui
there’s a lot of changes in the gui code overall between vanilla and WGaC (albeit limited to only a handful of GUI files); while I can pretty easily identify where the mod is adding new things, updating for 1.9 requires putting it in the right places and with updated descriptors, otherwise it will lead to more, different graphical bugs.

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After more digging, I’ve managed to kinda sorta ‘fix’ a few things by blindly editing lists.gui closer to vanilla, but not well enough to post anything here. Feast timers are completely borked, with the timer being effectively infinite, which blows. Overall, i think there’s enough work needed on the mod for it to basically be worth considering a fresh start, salvaging what code still functions rather than trying to kludge outdated stuff.


Any timer I find editing the interior files to work rather well.

Just a heads up for those looking to play on the new update, CBO has updated to 1.9 so you can go ham with that.

Unfortunately, WGaC doesn’t work with it anymore. The game still runs and you can play it just fine, but the genes are completely messed up leading everyone to become skeletons, with some characters randomly gaining maximum weight on one birthday then losing it all again on their next birthday. And because of all of that, the traits and modifiers no longer assign properly. Unless this gets a proper update you’re stuck with 1.8.2 as the newest version (using the correct CBO version for that too of course).

In the meantime, Physical Attributes also updated to 1.9, which has a bunch of body shapes available including the ability to get fairly large. Load this under CBO just as you would with WGaC.

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Any chance you could provide a link for a 1.82 compatible version of CBO? Can only find the most recent version which CTDs on startup.

I really wish he kept old versions of the mod. But I suppose he gets enough inane “bug” reports as is.

That would be nice, but since he doesn’t, could anyone else perhaps upload the older version somewhere? I only found out about these the other day, really want to try a working version of this one but without the right version of CBO I’m out of luck :confused:

Forgot I still had all of these. Here’s a dumbass who uploaded the wrong files.

Here’s the 1.8.2 version of CFP on Steam, and the 1.8.2 version of Fullscreen Barbershop.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! You’re a real hero.

Er, that version of WGaC doesn’t seem to work? It shows as compatible, but when I try to create or load a ruler I don’t see the traits as options. Am I missing something?

Edit2: CBO also not working…possibly a load order issue? It should be CFP->Barbershop->CBO->Compatch->WGaC correct? I have no other mods on this playset.

Edi3: Not a load order issue. Neither that version of CBO or WGaC seem to work at all. I’m on 1.82. They both show up in the launcher and are recognized as for the correct version, but neither works in game. Would it be possible for you to re-upload those two (and maybe the compatch)? Something may have gotten messed up when they were zipped?