Crusader Kings 3: Weight Gain and Consequences

Turns out I zipped the wrong files, and the older version of PA I have isn’t for 1.8. I have even older versions of the others though and I’ve got them mostly working, just WGaC giving me pain (as usual). I’ll send a link once everything’s working again.

Alright hopefully this should work. CBO, WGaC and the CBO-CFP Compatch for 1.8, although I did have a bit of trouble getting CFP to properly work. Only characters I noticed had missing clothes were the HRE emperor and his wife, otherwise everything was fine. I ended up disabling CFP because I didn’t really want that, you could manually assign them different clothes each time though.

Only other sort-of bug I found is just a bug with WGaC in general, you can’t use the Change Height Interaction on someone until they have a height trait assigned, which (should) happen at some point within the first year in game.

Here’s my load order, with CFP put it below CBO then the compatch below that. Congenital Beauty makes the skin look loads better, I can’t play without it.


All working now, thank you again!!!

Unfortunately for 1.9 it is fundamentally broken

So like, it seems to me the demand is there for a fat mod of some kind, and it’s not like vocon owns the concept of that. I’ve been at times wondering if I should try to step up to it, but I don’t think I’d really commit myself, seemingly like vocon.

I don’t even particularily care if the foundation made here is built upon or not.

Is there anyone who’d feel up for trying


The work needed to fix the crunchy elements of the mod (UI, changes to weight gain, sliders, etc) is beyond my pay grade, though I can help with project management and writing (most I’ve done in the past is private event mods for CK2). Until there’s someone that can either replicate CBO’s meshes or otherwise remove that dependency, I would strongly recommend not trying to push sizes too far beyond vanilla in any replacement or revamped wg mod.

Though I am biased in not having much interest in blob content and preferring mod compatibility over graphics, I do think there’s a lot of fun to be had in just giving people more things to do with weight and associated stuff before trying to push the envelope again.

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The undress mod was just updated on steam to 1.9, so its not incompatible on my playthrough. Does anyone have the 1.8.2 version? I can’t find it anywhere else.

How do you install / use this mod as i have CK3 on steam and idk how to install it lol

Im not sure how it would go with update, but once the game is installed it creates a folder in your documents named Paradox Interactive, go into it, then CK3 then you should find a folder marked Mods, go into it, extract and it is installed, just Add it to mod profile

I really liked playing with this mod, but I really wished there were things like scheming to fatten other characters or something, closest we had was forcefeeding prisoners.
I hope this gets updated or somebody comes along and continues the mod themselves as there’s no other alternative mods for CK3 for such a niche fetish.

I agree I really miss this mod in my games, I had the fattest Queen and fattest family, my daughters were huge!

part of the problem with CK3 is that it is far more restricted than ck2 and is currently getting under the hood changes every update, so mods have to be reworked a lot every update if even one under the hood change occurs

maybe once we get a pretty stable direction for CK3 and they stop changing every system completely to work with the new DLCs, we can start looking to something that is more expansive than number changers but until then… eh