Crusader Kings 3

So, Crusader Kings 3 came out just a few days ago, and since we already have CK2 mod developed by failmuseum, I decided to proceed with working on CK3 version.

What we already have:

  1. Developers kindly added stress overeating, weight gain mechanic and weight loss mechanic
  2. There is an encoded model auto-adjuster that slowly adjusts character model according to his/her weight.
  3. There are body-shapes: pear, apple, hourglass, triangle, rectangle.
  4. If character is over 50 weight points - he can choose to lose weight. If under -50 points - gain weight.
  5. There are only two weight related traits - obese (weight > 50) and malnourished (weight <-50).

What I already did:

  1. Weight gain and weight loss options are unlocked by default.
  2. Additional traits chubby (weight>25), fat (weight>50), obese (weight>75), blob (weight>99).
  3. Blob makes you incapable of leading armies and runs unique “bedridden” chain.
  4. Remade female default models.
    Default weight can be seen here:
    New weight progression can be seen here:
    Triangle body shape (different shapes yield other results, but I am too lazy to screenshot them all. Same goes to faces, there is a neat triple chin face for females, but since it is random, I didn’t get one with this character):
  5. Fixed target_weight - now it will check it every 3 months if character weight changed, instead of default once per 3 years.

What is planned:

  1. Transfer failmuseum’s CK2 events
  2. Fix clothes for obese models (right now they are forced to go commando
  3. “Hedonistic court” event chain - corrupt liege’s court with hedonism.
  4. More weight events.
  5. Remake animations (Even default obese animation clip hands through body (gj paradox, lol), so I have to fix it myself
  6. Add immobile blob model.

I am fixing some bugs, as soon as I am finished I ll leave a dropbox link for the first version of this mod. Until then - feel free to write down any ideas and features you want to be added.


Oooh this sounds very promising! If I buy the game I will definitely consider installing this mod at some point when it is ready. Good luck on this project, VT765!


There’s an obese trait in the game? I poked around in the code and didn’t find it, is there an event tied to it?

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it’s a modifier, actually. source: I’ve seen it myself

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Good luck with the mod!

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I swear there must be one of us that works at Paradox or something


It’s given by event health.5001, under health_events.

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Glad see so much progress so soon :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a couple questions. First, are there any effects from the chubby, fat, and obese traits you added? Also, regarding my events that you want to transfer, which ones were you thinking about porting over? Since most of them aren’t localized, if you have any questions related to my mod feel free to ask anytime :slightly_smiling_face:.


There is. It is hidden as an “obese_modifier”, in the health_events.txt and other various files.
I call it trait because when you obtain that modifier in game it says “You gained obese trait!”
Good old messy paradox coding.

  1. There are minor health penalties for chubby, moderate for fat, default -1 for obese. These traits mostly serve as triggers now, changing some standart paradox events. For example - sometimes a random “Let’s go hunting event” fires, if your are fat and above - you get a new option to decline and stay home lazying around - which makes you lose some stress and some prestige. I believe, that making such minor additions to basic events adds much more immersion.
  2. As for events transfer - I am talking about horse breaker event, private feast with your spouse, all random weight flavor events that fire when you hit another weight milestone, etc
  3. I decided to implement clothing system a bit more different, since in-game barbershop gives us an ability to change clothes. I ll write more on that matter later.

New to the CK series but I have the 3rd game and am very interested in this mod. I know it’s pretty easy to gain weight as a leader from certain events but is there be a reliable way to get your wife to gain weight?


I am currently working on a “Fatten up” scheme to fatten up your enemies and make them food addicted. There are no limits for character types, so I guess you could use it on your spouse. If you have any ideas about spouse fattening up event - go ahead and tell us, I ll do my best to add it.
As for default ck3 - pregnancy + feasts.
Every feast adds 7 points to the target weight.


Could you just change or make a copy of the seduce event to be more weight gain oriented? I think that’d probably do the trick.

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For anyone interested in trying out or messing around with CK3 without dropping $50 on it, it’s on Xbox Game Pass if you have Windows 10. If you’ve got a rig decent enough for gaming and can put up with the Microsoft Store for downloading/installing, it’s actually a decent value, and there’s a one-month trial for something like $1 or the local equivalent.

Unfortunately, since it installs as a Windows app instead of a normal program, accessing the game files is, at best, a pain in the ass. It’s still possible to install mods easily, but if you actually want to reference the game files while creating a mod of your own, Steam’s probably the better option.


There is also a cough torrent cough option.

I still recommend buying the game tho, I preordered the Royal edition and is satisfied so far. They included most of ck2 dlcs into the base game, so it is actually worth it.

For ck3 steam owners, I will upload the mod to the workshop in order to make it easier to install.

I will also provide files separately in case you have any other versions of the game or you simply want to install it manually instead.

Also, moonslashx - I did as you requested and made a “fatten up-seduce” event chain.


If you are going to upload it to the steam workshop, may I request that you don’t credit me for my events in any of the documentation please? I’d prefer not to be recognized on the off chance someone I know finds the mod, unlikely as it is. I have used this user name for other websites before, I didn’t think when making this account that I would be producing any content (I’m thinking about changing my name here to something similar for the same reason).


When I saw that CK3 came out I knew someone was going to make this mod. Other than that the models could use some work


As you wish, but the workshop one will be hidden tho, you can only access it via the link, so there is actually no difference.

Also, I hate to break it to you, but if one simply types “failmuseum” on google, he will see your deviantart, weight gaming and other pages. So you are already compromised :frowning:


The problems with the models are:

  1. They are bound to have only 5487 polygons - even one more - you will get a mess
  2. Paradox idle animations for even default obese characters are messed up - with clipping hands all over the place.

If these are not the problems you find in those models - then I am open to suggestions in order to fix them. Other than that, I think I actually improved default obese models a lot, now they look at least really fat, instead of fat faces with round pregnant like bellies.


I know, hopefully switching the name will strike most of those from the search results.

If you are making the mod hidden on the workshop though, then I wouldn’t mind one way or the the other if you were to credit me. Up to you whether or not you would like to.

Thanks for the concern and respecting my wishes :slightly_smiling_face: