Do you also fell like more and more WG games are created since Ai art is a thing?

Like the title say, is it also your feeling that now a lot more games are created now that Ai art is a things?

Also what is yours feeling about it now?

On my side i’m more than happy to see more and more of them, but that also scare me to see traditional art disapear and that also scare me for those who put effort in their work like : Orristerioso, bobothesecendtwo, Yummysinpie, TT2, Coastalbunny… .


They made a game?

They made a fat princess comic right?

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@YummySinpie is working on a game yes.


I personally don’t care since I don’t play in Visual Novels, but more games always better. Ai is a tool which could be used by traditional artists too if they want to improve their art without wasting time on improving skill. I don’t understand why CoastalBunny is in the list of traditional artist if it is clear that this person render 3d pictures in Virt a Mate tool. Exactly for CoastalBunny it would be better to use Ai on his rendered pictures to improve their quality. Orristerioso definitely skilled enough and Ai can’t compete with him yet. Who is bobothesecendtwo and TT2 I don’t know. Anyway, my position is that Ai is just another branch in the development of mankind which in the future will allow people to save a huge amount of their time to get good results. People adapt to this innovation just as they have adapted to all other innovations throughout the history of mankind.

The fat princess comic is being turned into a game?

Damn. Didnt see that coming.

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Ok can understand your point of vue also I just feel that renders art is way harder to do than ai one. And yes I’m also happy to see more and more WG games.

Tt2 = Tiggertoo and Bob = fill me up

“Tt2 = Tiggertoo and Bob = fill me up” - unfortunately I still don’t understand who is that :joy:
“Virt a Mate” program based on genesis models from Daz3d studio and compatible with all Daz3d assets. The person who render pictures in Virt a Mate can just get access to Daz3d models, import them and form a scene for render. Also, creation of custom shape keys for bigger body models needed if there is no access to such shape keys in Daz3d store or isn’t possible to create with basic Virt a Mate sliders. So, creation of scene for render definitely takes MUCH more time then generating picture with Ai, but if you use already existing assets it is not much harder (this is just my personal opinion). But, if you rendered a picture like Coastalbunny you can then use AI to quickly improve the quality of that picture in a few minutes and the result will be very, very cool. So, if we’re talking about competition between 3d renders from Virt a Mate and Ai generated art I think they don’t need to compete at all since modeler can use Ai for improvement of renders and that would be hundred times easier then improvement with other methods.

This is Bob
and this is TT2 :

And thanks for the information.

I’m hyped by it and orristerioso one.

I see now. So, according to screenshots from thread bobothesecondtwo already using Ai to improve his rendered pictures quality. TT2, if I am not mistaken, render pictures in Daz3d and as I can see he don’t create shape keys for body shape by himself and use existing ones. So, I think for TT2 would be better to do the same as bobothesecondtwo did: using Ai for improvement of rendered pictures.

Yeah bob was the reason why a created this topic I was just curious about how people feels about AI art.

Also since that, I never saw this site being so active in the numbers of games created.

Yes, but mostly active text-based and visual novel games. New projects in another genre are active mostly only when weight gain jam event coming.

Yeah, I create all my images in Daz Studio and then do a bit of extra work on them in Photoshop, if needed.

If I was starting my game from scratch now, I’d be tempted to use AI images. Some of them are pretty good! But atm (and IMO) AI images are still very much in their infancy and from the few experiments I’ve done, it can be hard to produce exactly what you’re after.

But in a few years time - when the algorithms and artwork have been improved? I’d be surprised if anyone will still be using art generation software such as Daz. Why spend hours rendering an image when AI can produce exactly what you want in a fraction of the time and without having to spend a fortune on the assets you need…


Hello @Aeremis, thank you for acknowledging me. I really appreciate it :heart:

My own feeling is I’m happy there is more interest in creating WG games but AI Art trained on other artist’s art without their consent is unethical. AI Art as it is currently is used as a way to remove artists from the process of creating art. The key piece of the current model’s training, LAION, is a dataset created by gobbling up public-to-view copyrighted images without consent from the creators. Artists deserve to be paid for their hard work, or they will no longer be able to be artists. As it stands, AI Art is merely profiting from artists and their work.

I too fear the end of human art. I haven’t gotten to hear a lot of accounts of how it affects artists in our community specifically, but I can take a good guess. I myself haven’t received a commission in many, many months from someone who isn’t a repeat supporter I have a long standing relationship with. I post my comm sheet into the void and hear nothing back. I’m so very thankful to my supporters and that there are people who still want human art :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For me, adapting to AI Art would be… firing people. It’s not some hypothetical situation that can be hand waved away. No, the actual implementation is I shoot a message to my background artist and let them know they aren’t needed anymore. And then I would start to wonder why I pay my color artists to help me color things in when I can just drop my line work into img2img to be colored in ‘better’ so I send a message to my color artists I’ve been working with for over a year now and let each of them know they aren’t needed anymore. And then eventually there will be a good argument for replacing everyone in the chain of drawing. My last art decision would be firing myself from drawing. I’d just be fixing fingers and such; I don’t think you’d call me a WG artist anymore.

It’s just not something I can do as an employer and as an artist.


I can easily understand what you mean and sadly where all this is going.

So i thank you to stick with your’s thinking and moral. Also for me when Ai will be everywhere i think that human art will still be here for the human touch that will still attract people. I hope it will still be here and that you will be able to live from your passion.

And thanks for your point of view on the question.

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Thanks for your point of view.

I think that most of the WG community are more into the story than into the game (i could maybe i’m wrong). Making the creation of RPG rarer cause most of us are more the storytelling than in the gameplay and mechanics (i think).
Is it really harder to create an RPG? Not so sure, then i think that is why there is so much VN than RPG.
(Won’t lie can’t wait for orristerioso one and The House on Hog Hill - (NEW) 'Chapter Two' Update Out Now! )

Also thanks for your point of view.

No, community aren’t more into the story. It is just easier to make text-based game or Visual Novel game. For Visual novel you can use Ai art or draw your own art if you are an artist, or make rendered pictures in Daz3d. For text-based games you don’t need to draw anything. Creation of RPG is much harder and takes much more time even if you use something like RPG maker, because it is not only about telling a story, but about gameplay, level designs, events designs etc.

Okay, this is why it’s always good to see what the others think. Thanks for the information.

On a slightly separate note, does anyone else feel like the amount of new games/major updates for games on this site has sorta dried up over the past half a year or so?

Most of the more popular games here have been without updates for many months, which is understandable for some games, but the law of averages means that we should’ve had at least a few in total since then.

And as for new games recently, most of them are so early into development, it’s unlikely that the creators will commit to finishing their projects

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