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Go into ‘\www\img\sv_actors’ and dupliacte the file ‘guy_thin.png’ twice. Rename one guy_fat.png and one guy_fattest.png, the character isn’t actually meant to expand but I changed something in the game last minute that makes it think he does


The opening cutscene art is by the amazingly talented vancarcharias whose ‘sexy fat animals doing sumo’ art was my whole-ass inspiration!!

The Osaka Nutrients anime mascot was by Zarbo

Rocketshark somehow found time to do testing for me, I later found out he also made his OWN elaborate-ass entry so how I don’t know :o

The custom plug-in to swap out side-view battlers graphics at different weights AND a tonne of other plugin-related fixes were contributed by our resident guardian code-angel PeachClamNine


  • Some irreverent dark and murdery themes.

  • Vomiting (which I tried to make as goofy and un-triggering as possible but I know that’s a hard no for some people so sorry for not writing this bit until now)

  • Slapstick violence including a few flecks of blood on impact animations

  • (Let me know if I missed anything)

In summation: Oof.

The writing was pretty much on the wall since last week when a lot of stuff at once pushed me behind schedule but sad to say I really didn’t manage to get this where it needed to be X/

It DOES have an ending but on the way there’s lots of missing chunks of writing, missing graphics, unpolished stuff, flat-out broken stuff and, most upsetting of all, stuff that’s not very fun to do and won’t be until I get the chance to tweak and rebalance everything.

Feeling pretty heartbroken but hoping folks will at least appreciate what I was going for



Hey, so i tried out your game and was able to reach the end, one of the options worked fine but the option to refuse, doesnt load the battle, saying its missing a png, so i wasnt able to see that option. I like the idea and havent seen a fps hallway (forgot how these types are called) in a long long while. I went with the monkey and i had no trouble dealing with the fights, reached max weight level with lots of food tough the others suffered from it. My biggest issue was with lots of slowdown on the 2nd and 3rd floors and some characters blocking paths that contained food behind them. Hope you can revisit this later and would love an extra male character, tough im thankful you already included one male to begin with. Cheers.

I had a decent time with your game but I had trouble with Ishki, whenever I fought her past stage one she would constantly ground herself making it hard to beat her without waiting for her AI to stop doing it.

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On that sucks about the last battle not working! I think I know what last-minute thing I messed with that broke it too! Nuts x0

I like the idea of adding new characters! Maybe not so much integrating them fully into the main cutscenes but certainly giving people the option for some different flavours

That sounds annoying :v I’ll look into giving those moves some kind of cool-down (or if I get really desperate, MP points but I quite like the pared-down feel of doing without them I’ve got rn)

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Hey! I really enjoyed this, and I’d love to see more added to it in the future! The artwork is really nice, especially seeing the characters get fatter and fatter, haha. On that note, I thought the character writing was very fun and I ended up getting attached to all five of them, but especially Yakui and Ishi. I love those two and the relationship they build up, and I wanna see more of that.(I thought it was neat that one is forced to confront the other on the first floor no matter which of the two you are.) Also, I managed to reach the ending by just relabelling one of the pngs in the actors folder to the one needed for the final boss, so there’s that.

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I found a couple of bugs that didn’t get mentioned already;

Amami’s hype up buffs the opponent instead of her.

When ever AI Saisho tries to use telekinesis, it will always fail and either knock him out of the ring immediately or put him incredibly close to the edge.

There’s a extremely tiny default RPG maker character near the exit on the 3rd floor that acts a bed.

The camera will swing around violently at Suru and Yakui when you past them, even after you exhaust their dialogue and their fights for that particular floor.

And there was a really strange bug where food would instantly re spawn after being eaten until you rest at a bed, its only happens the first time you start floor 1 as Saisho, maybe it happens the first time you reach subsequent floors as well, I haven’t tried that yet .

Other than that I have to say this is the most fun I’ve had with an RPG maker game in a while, the combat, while pretty easy feels different enough from the traditional RPG maker fighting format to feel fun, and the first person dungeon view feels good for the most part. And all 5 of the main characters feel nice and distinct from each other despite the limited amount of dialogue the game has.

The only problem I have with the game is that you end up snowballing and making the last stretch of the game a cake walk, as some of the NPCs can end up lagging behind near the end game and don’t really become much else other than a annoyance at best.

I’d love to see a squeal or a continuation to this because it was great!

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This game has tremendous potential! The music provides great ambiance, the exposition flowed quite well, the characters have engaging personalities, and the combat scenes are smooth. The stat system is fairly nice (I love the fullness gauge and the health expressions), as are the items. I get motion sickness pretty easily, so the camera pivots (esp. for the maze) made me want to vomit, but that is not your fault. The graphics were standard for a dungeon game. A title screen would be a welcome addition–setting the stage even more. I was impressed by the time challenges; the sound effects were spot on, too. Like @Kaiser.1, I appreciate having male character options.

I left level 2 when there was still supposedly some food left. I am not sure what to make of those “boulders of death” in level 3. One of the moving platforms glitched for me, so I was not moving with the platform, but rather walking over lava under my own power. I gave up on what I presume to be the WIP boss of the demo. Lastly, the weight might feel more realistic if your character’s movement slowed as they gained weight. (An energy/stamina gauge and heavy breathing sound effects would be icing on the cake.) A number of games use screen shakes to convey weight, but in this case, a screen shake would create more headaches for me (there is enough motion in the game already).

Bottom line: this is a game to be proud of, especially if you did this on your own. This already is more complete than a number of dungeon games I have seen, so take your time finishing it.


Tip: using items might help (I think they call this “spilling the tea”?).

This typo made me giggle.


this was a neat game, I didn’t know rpg maker could make first person dungeons crawls like this. I liked how the battles and the dungeon crawling interacted with each other when playing as Saisho (I didn’t play as the others so I can’t comment on those). I think the idea of hoarding all the food for yourself to keep the others at a low level is a good but it wasn’t utilized enough (or I wasn’t aware of some strategies). I found that only when you were at max rivalry could you deny the others from leveling up from the food left behind but when I had reached that the game was almost over. but if you could get max rivalry early then I feel like it would be easy to keep the others at level 1.

I liked the battles even if they were a bit simplistic (except fighting Ishi when all she did was ground herself).
I never felt like I needed to use the tea but if I did need to use them the strategy of the battles would probably be a lot better

it would be nice to see what the game would be like if the stuff you didn’t have time to do got into the final version. hopefully this will get an update in the future


i seem to be getting a bug where if you fight ONI the game doesn’t load the fight also for some reason at the 3rd level i seem to always instantly lose fight’s even though i haven’t even been hit like what’s up with that?

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Really fun game, I would love to see a polished version of it!
And, as you already know, a fix to the final boss, thank you for the experience~

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Definitely keen to see this one ironed out. Some very cool ideas here and the presentation with the funky character designs is pretty top-notch. I understand the reasons for it getting ropey at the end there, but we sorely need an extra floor or two just so we can hit the big leagues - I didn’t even see Suru’s supposedly powerful ability at a high weight level before the game was over! ;w;

Would definitely play again post-Gain Jam!

Edit: My giddy realisation that you can climb onto the conveyor belt with endless sushi was CRUELLY DASHED upon the horrific discovery that you can’t eat it D: C’mon dude! Conveyor belts of food, that’s like Stuffing 101!

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I’m so glad to hear this! One of my big gameplay pillars was supposed to be this big Fire Emblem-inspired system where every pairing of characters would have ongoing conversations via the ‘chat’ option but I only ended up writing one for Amami/Ishi and one for Suru/Yakui. I REALLY want to get the rest in because I’m proud of this cast of characters!

I’d love if you posted what you did so other people can apply the fix! I’ll be able to figure it out myself tomorrow but for right now I don’t have access to my laptop D:

That sounds like something worth experimenting with! I’ll look into it!

It couldn’t until last year when this very cool plugin came out!

It was definitely SUPPOSED to be possible to max out rivalry/friendship early on but I just didn’t have time to write the dialogue interactions to facilitate it. They’re my first priority to add in as post-jam content.

I’m not sure! I know the characters still have an HP bar even though the battle system doesn’t use it so it’s possible something I put in caused it it to run down for you with no way to heal D:

FUCK! That’s such a valid point I’m so sorry D:


I’m super excited to SEE more! And admittedly some of it is my personal experiences while playing but oops you got me shipping Ishi/Yakui pretty hard so that’s one reason I want to see more of them. (I’d LOVE to see Yakui talk Ishi into the two of them getting as massive as possible <3)

Yeah so, I went into the sv_actors folder, made a copy of guy_thin, renamed it guy_fat, as the game was trying to locate, and just used that instead. Not perfect, but it worked fine for me.

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So yeah I got the workaround to, well, work and that other ending: Bleak! :no_mouth:

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Basically, the bug is basically that RPG Maker is trying to find Guy_fattest.png on img/sv_actors, and inside the folder the image don’t exist.
So the way to remedy that it would be to copy someone else png and rename it.
Maybe you forgot to add the image? It happens.

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On a more positive note since ya already getting plenty of Bug stuff.

i really like the idea of the game and the effort that went into making the environments visually and the designs of the characters (with one exception hue) i mean yeah sure it has it’s rough spots especially on Ishi in her later weight sizes look abit off but like it’s perfectly serviceable and it convey’s what it needs too.

the gameplay (when it works) while simple has a lot of potential too. like over all this is a really good tech demo for a game that looks pretty decent and plays pretty good too and has Character designs that are so good that the art even at it’s roughest the character designs still shine through so well done can’t wait to see improve artistically because the idea is on point…except for that rabbit girl…dear lord she is just unsettling.

Thansk everyone for figuring this out, I’ve edited the to post with some instructions!

For some reason for my writing on these things always veers off into the Criminally Unhorny so I’m not even sre which bleak ending you mean :pensive:



hm… I don’t know what you think the art style is… don’t know right words remind that horror rpg he make bit too much… sorry can not play it

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TBH while I love Amami, if I could offer some constructive criticism, she could maybe stand to have her ears lengthened a bit? Just to make her a bit more recognizable as a bunny. Otherwise I think her design is the good kind of quirky, Amami’s a cutie.

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