Gain Jam 8/2020 Winners and Scores!

Its been crazy this year with so many entries and general rl stuff causing issues but it is finally done! Before we get into the winners I would like to thank everyone who participated and also go over some changes to how the cash prizes will be handled we forgot to note.

Cash Prize Rules Change

I’ve updated Gain Jam: Rules and Scoring with the updated rules around how cash prizes will be handled but since I was an idiot and forgot to mention the changes beforehand I wanted to go over the changes here quick so everyone is on the same page.

  1. Teams can now designate a Rep to receive the prize money, but the rep must be confirmed by all members. We will reach out to the OP to work out the details if a team wins.
  2. There are now two categories of winners, Overall Winners and Best Of Winners
  3. Overall Winners are not eligible to win Best Of prizes. This is due to our scoring system making Overall Winners very likely to win one or more Best Of prizes and after much discussion we wanted to spread these prizes out.
  4. Community Choice is the only Best Of that is exempt from point 3. This is because, while it is highly likely one of the Overall Winners would also win Community Choice, we wanted to respect the community’s judgment in the matter.

So with all that out of the way, lets get to the Winners!


Over All

1st goes to @BloatedGoyle and their game [CreatureUnknown] Smasher and the Will o’ the Thiccs!

2nd place goes to @Roops and their game Feed the Crown (Roops' Submission)!

Finally, 3rd place goes to @sometimescozy submission EXPAndroid (Cozylad’s Submission)!

Best Of

Best Art goes to @Hoodah and their teams submission Sweet Dreams - A Tasteful RPG Made For Sega Genesis!

Best Sound goes to Dojo Crawler by @Eggie!

Best Writing goes to @rocketshark5089 and their entry Kobold Kommandos!

Last but not least the community choice goes to Feed the Crown (Roops' Submission) by @Roops!

Congrats to all of you!

Finally, I would like to thank all those who participated this year, our amazing community, and our generous supporters on Patreon whos generous support helps us to fund the general operation of the site as well as projects and events like the Gain Jam!

Without the support from all of you this all would not have been possible! Thank you all!

Also, we will be going through each post through the day and posting an over all break down for each submission so keep an eye on that if you want an overview of the scores.

Raw score sheet:

WG Gain Jam score sheet 2020.xlsx (674.2 KB)


Ay, congrats to the winners!

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In my opinion, that was the best jam so far.
Well done, congrats to the winners!


Awesome job everyone! Congrats to all the winners!

As always, it was an honor to judge this community’s wonderful contributions. You all are why this place exists, and continues to grow. Congratulations to the winners, but really I want to extend a congratulations to everyone that participated. Taking that step and the initiative to produce a game in such a short time should be commended, and we hope any newcomers to the field of programming use this as a stepping stone to future projects.

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Oh man! I’m honestly pretty surprised I won anything. This was a pretty packed game jam with some real good entries.
I’m pretty happy to have won Best Writing, though! Thanks to everyone who enjoyed and supported my game! And congrats to everyone else who won! :3


Wow this year had tons you goods games and to the people who where in the gain jam you are all awesome and I love playing your games.

Yay, results! Finally!! <3
Well, congrats the winners! ^^

It was the great experience and I was so glad to get so many comments and even lestplay video!! That was amazing feeling!
I expected that there will be no place for us (we were… too much limited in time, we did it too fast and had no time to think more XD), but still got pretty cool results, that’s inspiring :3

My personal favorite was Doughball Descent - Weight-Gain centric Roguelite Puzzle Platformer with their super attractive gameplay! I love rouge-likes so much, and this one is really good and original, I love weight system used here and how it affects on gameplay.

honestly, there were too many good games, sadly we can’t give the rewards to them all, awwh x’3 but we can give them attention!

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congrats to all the winners and everyone else too!

Congrats to the winners, and everyone else who participated in this! I didn’t play a ton of the games in this, but the ones I did play were pretty well made! Hoping next year I’ll have time to make one myself

Congrats to the winners and everyone who participated. Had a lot of fun trying most of the games. I know for the team it might be difficult to host and review all of it but i hope to see more jams in the future and with new themes to help push new concepts.

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Well, we do plan to keep doing this yearly as long as we can!

Congratulations everyone! And shoutout again to the judges for taking the time to provide feedback and scores on all the entries!

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