Kobold Kommandos

Here’s my entry into the Gain Jam. :V

You play as a bunch of kobolds going around solving problems and/or wrecking other people’s stuff. That’s about the size of it.

One part game jam project, one part proof of concept. I’ve had an idea for something like this for a while now, and I wanted to try this to see how it feasible it was.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that there may be some issues that slipped through the cracks. I recommend that you save regularly.

The kink content is primarily weight gain with some vore thrown in.


Itch.io download
Dropbox download (Windows version)
Dropbox download (Mac version)


I love the game so far by the way. chubby kobolds are always a good time :stuck_out_tongue:

not sure if it’s an issue or me missing something, but

in the room before the goddess with the 4 crystals, I can’t seem to progress. when I interact with the crystals, Ashe just wonders what to do. I went in with Brassie, Carmen, and Vernon

Pretty cute game, and nice to find that one can (mostly) find nonviolent routes through the challenges.

As to the crystals, I brought the same three but didn’t have any issues - did you get the second helping of weaponized sugar before the mission? It gave me options to break 'em or toss some sugar at 'em.

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no, I didn’t, do you pick that up at the hideout?

I think it’s cause we choose to give the sugar to the chef, I think it softlocked the game.

By the by, Vernon’s “improved enemy party wide attack” Only targets a single opponent. Figured that’s not right by the upgrade description.

Oh, Spooky’s Party wide crit buff also seems to be permanent.

Okay, I managed to beat the goddess, started to talk to Izara, and immediately after her text box pops up, it gives me a gameover? What?

I think you’re right, there should be an option besides the magic sugar but it doesn’t show up.

Just found out about this, I have a hotfix on the way that should solve this.

Good catches. I didn’t notice these.

Could you elaborate on that? I have no idea what could’ve caused that.


Fighting the cultists, shouldn’t their heal be healing their HP not their MP?

No! It shouldn’t
I had no idea it was set to MP recovery instead of HP recovery. :V

Honestly, I’m not 100 percent sure. It could be because of the softlock thing. I read about that, used an editor, generated weaponized sugar, and then instead of using it, smashed the crystals. When I finished getting the goddess below half health, she let us go, and then when I got past the black screen before her text, I got an immediate game over.

Okay. Using the editor might have been a contributing factor. :V

I went back and used the weaponized sugar option however on that same save, and it worked fine. So it might have just been a weird mixup because of events or something.

Oh, to note on the sugar thing - perhaps not intended, but after the first mission you can actually give the sugar to both the chef and the scientist. At least, it worked for me when I gave to the chef first. Best of both worlds.

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That’s definitely not intentional. Could you elaborate on that more? I tried doing it like that myself and it locks you out of the other choice as intended.

I have to ask how to download the game that I tried on droplox and itch.io and could not do it

I just uploaded the newest version. Try it now.

It should also fix that goddess crystal issue folks have mentioned, as well as some of the ability issues. :V

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If I recall correctly, I talked to Mac to get the choice, talked to the scientist then declined, went to the chef and accepted, then went back to the scientist and found I could accept that as well.