[CreatureUnknown] Smasher and the Will o' the Thiccs

Golf meets growth in this fun romp of a game.

Smash through walls and launch to victory as you collect the insidious and inflationary Will o’ the Thiccs in 4 unique levels!

Just click and drag from your character and watch the blubber fly!

Right click and dragging will allow you to pan the camera, just a bit.

Press escape or the button in the top right to access the menu

With 6 unlockable skins, accessible from the map menu

Game by CreatureUnknown
Music by RaysonWilliams and from BenSound

Featuring character designs by my Patrons:
Raharu, Dyello, Mikey, Izzy, and JoeEnglishOtter

Play Testing provided by:
BuddLightBeerLog, ABritishFox
Tower, PJNLY4, Lexal

Click here to go to the Itch.io Page!



Really loved the concept for this, as well as playing it! Feels super polished and plenty of potential left. Looking forward to seeing more in future!

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wonderfully put together. i had a fun time working out the best path to take for each course. ran into very few bugs and none of them ruined the experience or broke the game. the ending was a nice twist too!

what im not sure of is how quickly you lose momentum smashing through walls even at larger sizes, but it’s easy enough to overlook and work around. also trying to pan the camera past it’s limits would make the camera go bonkers in a weird way where it would go back and forth, but taking another shot fixed it thankfully

overall it’s a very solid entry, the mention of more after the judging ends has me very excited! the variety of skins allowing both genders was a good touch. my favorite level is rolling acres, between the steady introduction of level gimmicks, and multiple victims to save. it made for a tricky level to strategize which direction take. the ability to camera pan was a big help with planning shots despite the aforementioned bug with it.

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Since i saw your teaser i couldnt wait for your project to appear and its amazing. Your cast of characters is very cute and your spin for game mechanics is fun. Only problem i saw was regarding the 3rd stage ending text of the boss talking with you, freezes the game and i had to force it down, tried for 2 times and repeats it again, thankfully the progress is still saved. Was able to clear all the stages and got some skins from the last 2 stage and i feel they are easier than to get a good score compared to the starting ones. Overall considering you have plans of having more and this being only a demo, im very excited to see whats next as i love both Smasher and Harley´s and hope to see bigger things in the future.

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That’s super strange, never encountered that! What line did it freeze on? And did it just not seem to accept input anymore or did it fully freeze/music stop?

Glad you were still able to play onwards, though!

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I tried once again and still happens, box goes blank after his first sentence ends, music keeps going and i cant do anything after. No error message or anything, just complete stopped. I will post with a picture.

Also tried a bit more and unlocked everyone. Even if only a skin, its very good to have this variety.

Damn, this is really good, the level of polish here is incredible!

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Updated the file on itch.io, might fix the issue, not sure, since I can’t recreate it myself. If you unzip it into the same folder, your save files should carry over!

Hi Kaiser. Does this happen if you start a new game (either on the same slot or a different one)? Also how did you finish level 3 when this happened: score, strokes, which victim did you save last etc? What button(s) are you pressing to proceed through the dialogue upon return to map screen?

A lovely game with nice mechanics and great potential.

I too have noticed that colliding with many things at once slows you way more than bumping into them one at a time, which gets more obvious in more crammed spaces. I for my part can’t find a way to score well on the very first level, mostly thanks to that exact issue.

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Does anyone know the best scores for each level?

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The scores in order from lowest to highest:

Small Fry
Large Lad
Fatso Extraordinaire


This was so much fun to play and such a unique concept that I enjoyed a lot!


So far my High scores are:

Girth of a hero: Large Lad
Suburpia: Large lad
Rolling Acres: Eatgle
Lard Lab: Fatso Extraordinaire

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Really enjoyed this game! Can’t wait to see more!

Hey, started a new separate save slot and reached the 3rd stage, same thing happens at the exact same part.I have tried different ways of order of saving others and the amount of strokes and its exactly the same, score has been different too. I click with mouse to continue the dialog and after freezing i tried pressing anything on the keyboard but its like the image is frozen with only the music going on. I know in these situations its good to see a common point that might relate to what might be causing the bug but from the different tries i have done, i cant see something that i can relate to being a cause of the problem.

is this with the new version? It doesn’t look like anything is different but I promise you, it is

I hadnt noticed your post saying it was updated, its working fine now. Good job on solving it.

A very polished, fun game! From the graphics to the writing to the game-play mechanics, this game felt complete. The scoring and rating system was clean, the pace was pleasant, and the story-line was whimsical. I am excited to see the full release of this game!

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Great entry!!
I love how many details you put in this game, especially all those characters, dialogues and the plot at all! x3 I enjoyed!

However, some moments made me nervous a little, like this one - I stucked between the wall and objects that moves up, it took ~20-30 seconds for each turn, and 4-5 turns at all to just move from here xD First time I just reseted the level, huh.

Also, it was pretty hard to understand where should I find the next fire, and honestly see no reason in time dilation when aiming, because most likely you’ll be moving slower than you expect and will not reach the end of that path in time, so it doesn’t help. There were too much times when I was waiting when fire that’s right in front on me will back on position, because I clicked aiming too early and now I have to wait xD

Anyway, nice entry! Very detailed!