EXPAndroid (Cozylad's Submission)

Rescue the hostage and save the girl in this fast-paced action platformer where gravity is your best friend.


A fantastic entry, I love how the momentum feels in this!


thank you!!! certainly good to hear that from you, our resident platformer veteran

Short and sweet! It really nice to have a game with such focused mechanics. Overall the game feels good to play.

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I actually found this because of my itch.io notifications (I already had you followed for culinary combat) and only after playing it for a bit did I realize “Wait a minute… this is for the Gain Jam!” I’m still in the middle of playing it, but this feels incredibly nice. Movement is tight and precise and all my mistakes feel like my fault… and I’ve made a lot of mistakes. This is not a kind of game I’m good at.

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2-D Platforming is probably one of my weakest categories as a game player and I totally had a blast playing! The artwork is extremely charming and the music’s a banger. The platforming design wasn’t too difficult and this is coming from someone bad at it, The game didn’t expect too much out of me, I’m just inexperienced with 2-D platforming, but with some effort and determination I improved and it felt very rewarding to understand the game’s mechanics to complete it! The game didn’t hold my hand if I messed up and I had to repeat sections of rooms if I mess up. I definitely believe that’s the sign of a great 2d platformer, super meat boy and megaman come to mind. The writing’s great and the ending is pretty funny to boot!

I’m glad I was able to report the two bugs to you over discord in time so you can sneak in the two fixes before submissions close. :smiley:

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I’m not much of a platformer, but I am enjoying this. Though, I am slightly frustrated with jump not being the space key.

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thank you! this is exactly the kind of feedback i was hoping for.

that’s really cool to hear dude! megaman x was definitely one of the larger inspirations for this one. was really trying to emulate that kinda 90s platformer feeling.

thank you for trying your best anyways! i’d have implemented button rebinding if i’d had more time, but im happy that you enjoyed it regardless

Aw yes! I was hoping you’d do something!

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Oof. These mechanics are not forgiving for someone as uncoordinated as myself. Regardless of my own shortcomings, this was a very well put together game!

I’ll have to wait and hope someone does a video for me to see it to the end, is all. LOL

Well done, Cozy!!

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This felt real polished and satisfying to play! Even though it doesn’t get that hard, it definitely edges onto the hard-but-forgiving style of platformer, which I can definitely dig, as little as I play platformers. I guess the one thing I was having trouble with was that there are times you can’t hit X, like when you’re blasting through things, and I wish that when I hit X during those times, it’d queue it up to transform afterwards.

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much appreciated! i was planning on adding some kind of input buffer, but i was very pressed for time. maybe in a later update?

Pretty much echoing the praises of others, very good game. I’ve failed a bunch of times in one section but refused to give up. The ending was definitely worth it. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this, hopefully with controller support because… man…would be ten times easier on controller for a console player like me lol

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The idea is neat, the spritework is great, and the music is cool, but I can’t say that I like the game because of the frustrating controls and a number of obnoxiously difficult moments.

Wall jumping is frustrating, 90% of the times I fell from a wall jump were because pressing left/right ate the momentum of the jump and dropped me halfway between the walls. There were also points where it just wouldn’t switch sizes for me in the middle of a jump where I had to be pressing all the keys at once.

The second half of the game had a lot of places with blind drops where you just had to fall and die to know what was coming up next, which you only see for half a second and you lose all your progress and have to replay everything in the room again.

And this ledge-camping little fucker needs to just cease to exist entirely.

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sorry to hear that dude! you’ve gotta treat that dude the same way you’d treat the rest of the crate jumps, kinda like this:

Real talk, I think playing MegaMan ZX trained me for the wall jumps. XD

Felt pretty similar, as far as the level of control I had.

The controls in this game were super tight! I ended up flopping between states a lot by accident, but that just felt like spaghetti on my end lol–I think the most disorienting change is going from the fat state to the normal state when crashing into a wall, I was always ready to change back manually that I’d end up swapping back.

But all in all even for as short as it is this have a great flow of gameplay and gets a lot out of the basic systems! Great job!

i’m not in this scene, i’m just friends with kilif and he mentioned how many submissions there were for the gain jam

i tried this one and made an account just to comment, it’s a seriously clever mechanic

and FOR SURE mega man vibes in the controls, super tight, some good jokes, i would play a full game like this absolutely

I gotta say, I really didn’t think you could top Culinary Combat, but you’ve done it again. I haven’t played all of the jam entries yet, but none of the ones I’ve played so far have been half as much fun as this one. The only possible improvement I can think of is a quicker respawn.

i definitely get that. i think i’d probably have the player remain in the fat state after hitting a wall next time around, it just generally feels better to only have state changes come from button presses i think, makes movement easier to control

thank you! i don’t know how much more of this i’ll make, but at the very least, i’ll try and add a few levels and clean up some of the things that are still bothering me a bit

aw geez, that’s so nice of you! i figured culinary combat has more of a mass appeal, but it’s sometimes just enjoyable to make a good ol fashioned platformer