Donna's Diner: Version 1 RELEASED

Well this certainly brightens my day

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What’s new in version 1 since version 0.1? neither the OP nor itch seems to mention a changelog. (The changelog in the OP appears to be from 0.1 from august.

I got an error at the end of the ‘no free lunches, use the additive, only customers eat it’ path.

Well, aside from a couple of extra bugs and typos we have:

  • Longer game, more cycles and lengthier interactions

  • Branched endings (with a couple of bugs)

  • Pretty much all of Maria’s content

  • Bigger weight stages for everyone

  • Better pacing

  • Score and shop system

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Ok thank you, I’ll have that sorted ASAP

There’s an option for it on through the link. Just load up the itch page and scoll down a little.
All you should need to do it hit the big pink button, uncompress the .zip and run the html file from your computer.

You’ve updated the game to v1.1 apparently? The download is listed as v1.0 though still. I guess they’re not automatically sync’d up.

Good catch, that should be sorted now

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If maria’s content is pretty much complete that means for katie max nadia maya the content is not pretty much complete?

In the demo I chose the ones who were listed first, but really, I should play the ones that have the most completed storylines. So, uh, which 3 are most complete or least complete?

Or is maria the last story to be completed (not the first)?

Sorry, I’ve phrased some of this poorly. All the characters are finished, the game is now complete outside of bugfixes. I was just using overly cautious language in case there was any issues I’d overlooked.

As for character orders, it doesn’t really matter which you choose first. Without directly spoiling anything, Maria does have parts that interact with other characters, so her path would benefit from you being familiar with the others, but not in a way that you couldn’t understand on a first-time playthrough.

Hope that clears things up for you


I encountered a bug with Maria, can’t for the life of me remember right this moment but it is when she goes home with you. The same day just keeps repeating, leaving you stuck in a loop of her coming home with you.

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Sorry about that, the issue should be fixed now.
Hope it didn’t sour the experience too much.


Didn’t sour the experience at all, happy to have helped squash a bug tbh.
I really enjoyed the experience, writing is great and sets the atmosphere well.
Honestly, my one complaint is it is a little short and somewhat lacking in choices.
Not sure if you want to add more, but if you were my suggestion might be to add more interaction with the staff and a possible option to have Aunty Donna be delayed, unless of course running the business has become too much of a challenge?

Personally, I would like to see more options in regards to the player becoming heavier and attracting the interest of a certain someone without chemical enhancement, as well as some way of keeping pace or outpacing some of the others who take advantage of the free food.

I found some portions of text that I just can’t seem to get to trigger while looking at the project in Twine…not sure if this is a bug or they are meant to be locked from happening?

PS. Not sure if you know this but Aunty Donna is the name of an Australian sketch comedy group who I quite enjoy, which makes the game title all the better :joy:

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Thanks for all this feedback, it’s really appreciated.

I haven’t really got any immediate plans to add more content. My plan was to take a break and deal with other stuff for a while, but I’m not entirely opposed to the idea.

I do like the idea of having the end be postponed if you’re feeling confident, maybe make that a branch in week6/7?

As for your second point:

Really the only challenge I had with Maria’s stuff was splicing it into the existing loop in a way that felt natural. There’s a value that tracks time progression in bedtime sequence, and while making Maria’s version of that part I forgot to add the same time update line. That’s why you got stuck in that time loop. My only other concern would be keeping ideas fresh, but if you like what’s there already I suppose I don’t need to worry so much.


Very clever move. I’m not quite sure which nodes you mean, if they’re in and around the main loop then I may have made an error in the conditions. Mind telling me the passage names and I can check it out for you?

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The nodes in question are bed 23 to 26. Plus I also noticed the inclusion of breaking the bed in the “morning” node, yet despite my best attempts I cannot get it to trigger.

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I think I’ve fixed that problem now, it was most likely a bad trigger during the additive lunchbreak.

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Apparently bug testing is my passion.

Apparently mine is making code built like swiss cheese.

Thanks again, this is really helpful.

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I noticed that each of the endings have A letter that have brackets, Is this important?

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Ah, I was wondering how long it’d take before someone brought that up.

Aside form being a shameless Nier Automata reference, yes they are.

There’s one for each ending, it should be straightforward to work out what order they go in. After that you just need to find somewhere to use it.

I won’t say any more for now but that should be a decent clue