Dose anyone have any suggestions on games to play

Hay I have a youtube channel called belly expansion city I have been playing the weight games people have made on this website and showing them to other people so they know about them if you are a person that is working on a game like a demo/ still working progress and want to show it let me know or if you have a finished game ill play them. but just know any game that has characters in no clothing I won’t be making a video on that for youtube guidelines.


I’m working on a game called seeds of destiny, if you wanted to do a video on that go for it. It is still a work in progress and while it doesn’t contain nudity, it does have some strong sexual themes so I dont know if that would be allowed in youtube’s policy.


I would like for my game Expandyssey: The Elastic Modulus to gain some more popularity. Most of the characters don’t have clothing but it’s supposed to be in more of a cartoony style. It’s still a work in progress, but updates are coming pretty fast recently. If you’d like, hit me up and I can give you the latest stable build if you’d want. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to have some exposure. Have a nice, safe, and fun day!

ill haft to look into it but thanks for the heads up though

No problem and take your time I’m taking a little brake from making videos so I can rap up college stuff and after that I am going go though my list of suggestions every one makes and go from there.

If you want to take a look at my game, The Weighting Game, feel free. It’s work in progress, but I’m putting out big updates roughly every couple of months.

The latest version is Patreon only, but there’s a decent length demo too.

The two best rpg games on the site are Some Bullshit and Apostles

I’ll probably do a review on this game in January mainly because I have a set limit of much extra money I can spend on things each month and because of the holidays coming up it tends to be hard so I hope you don’t mind if it gets pushed out that far.

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Just realised that my game does have ocassional nudity, although it’d be easy enough to censor/bypass.

If you still decide to review it, let me know and I’ll let you have a copy of the latest version

Ya I need to get myself a better editing program for my videos I got three good games on my list of videos to make but they have occasional nudity. thanks for the heads up

I liked for video editing before I picked up Vegas on sale for crazy cheap. I still kinda prefer Shotcut since it doesn’t have the bajillion options I’ll never use.

That said, the game I’m working on doesn’t have pictures, so it’s probably not worth it for the video channel, ha.

thanks for the tip. YA I might not be able to make a video about but does not mean that I cant do a quick shout of off it though.

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Would you mind playing Food Therapy? It’s a simple feeding game I made with lots of different characters and food, all characters are clothed.


Here is the thread

I have played that game it was a lot of fun but what is the max weight you can get all the photos of the girl because once I got one of them to 150 pounds I did not see anything else happen

its an early prototype so there are only 3 weight levels, (next version will have more patients and +1 weight level, I’m 90% done with next release).

all right if you can keep me updated when you get done with the releases that way I can label your game fully done vs a demo I look forward to trying the new version out though.

Will do, and thank you!

Allow me to plug my game:

Edypos, an Rpg featuring monster girls.

Game is still under development but the Demo’s in a playable state.