Drawing Fatties Tips?

Does anyone have any tips/tricks in drawing fatties? I’d like some to get better at my own art and maaaaybe offer my services here when I get comfortable enough with it.
If for some reason you’d like to see my art for some reference to better help me and any other person in this topic, I’d be very thankful. (thisisn’tashamelessplugofmyartoranythingwhatareyoutalkingabout?)
Regular Art
NSFW Art Although there’s only one art here since I just started in this area.

if you are doing a belly button that looks like a Y side ways
try looking at the points and curve out where they point out
either a little bit or a lil more

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Sideways as if I were drawing a character that is on a side view or more like in a 3/4 view?

My suggestions
If you do the steps of drawing
When making the ‘mannequins’ use bigger circles and take into account body shape such as pear ie bottom heavy, apple ie torso centric, equally distributed etc, how fat they are such as simply a few pounds simply smooth concave and straight torso lines and other relevant areas, larger sizes eventually turn concave to convex, take into account the face too especially if going for a ‘realistic’ depiction, note depending on your kinks you can go for the idealistic approach making the skin smooth and without blemish making them look like a balloon like deviant artists kurocazes and pixiveo, middle ground where they have rolls and chins like bedbendersinc and a few less notable artists and realistic where the whole situation is on display and at larger sizes immobile, when they are sitting or laying on a surface take into account how the fat will distribute itself and tak that into account for positioning, and depending on how large the subject is mobility and flexibility will be impeded by stomach, inner legs, biceps, and neck, back will slope down at large sizes, breasts will likely not be perky if going for a realistic approach, add detail as needed

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I see, thanks!
I think I’ll try a bit of everything. After all, it’s nice to have some variety, and learning those will be quite useful too!

Just telling you what I know so take it with a grain or two of salt
I honestly recommend asking for tips from the actual artists though I’m better at building lore and deconstruction of tropes

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nah its the belly button would just have a y but the big line part is curved up same with the small line but its curved down

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Oh, I got it now! I’ll keep that in mind, thanks!

Well here is some topics to at least browse to draw some inspiration:

I hope this helps…


That helps a lot! thanks! And I suppose for the male counterpart the belly would be more prominent and the chest droopier and smaller… right?

Ah I also forgot this topic as well:

The second post in that topic will help in some ways for both male and female (though don’t expect it to be perfect since some of the photos are different and with weights being varied).

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For males think of pancakes instead of ballons
Ps if the character has a tail expect maybe a small amount of weight and being pulled in by the weight or in certain animals large amounts and remaining very noticeable, note if you should ever do taurs or anthropomorphs look to photos of the animals at various weights and apply your observations accordingly

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