Eternalland: A tale of hungry Elves - CANCELLED

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Well well well, hasn’t it been a while? But I don’t want to bore you, you all read the title.

It is with a truly heavy heart and more than a little bit of repressed tears that I hereby announce that the reimagining of Hungry Elves, Eternalland - A Tale of Hungry Elves, is hereby cancelled due to a lack of interest from the team to keep working on the game at all.

I apologize to anyone and everyone who was looking forward to the game, I am sure this isn’t the news you were hoping for, but I assure you that I share in your sadness and disappointment.

Warning: Moping ahead! If you don’t want to read it, then feel free to skip to the next BOLD line!

You know, when I started this project I had two main reasons for it. The first was that I wanted to take the game that had originally brought me into the community and into writing and re-vitalize it to show people what I saw in it, to really bring out its potential so to say.

The second and far more selfish one was that I wanted to show that you can make something great as a team, that you don’t need to be some artist-writer-programmer savant to make a good game and that a group of talented people can make something truly great.

And here I am now, much like Pagliacci. Not that I am highly intelligent, but I sure am a sad clown. Teaches me to reach for the starts, I suppose.

I should mention that I’m not exactly mad at the others and I don’t want people to be mad at them either. Most of them found their own passions elsewhere, and that’s fine. I’m just sad that everyone else gets their turn except for me, but that’s just me whining.

Moping over, feel free to read on!

But anyway, as I have said I am sorry. I also don’t really know what will happen with the team. Maybe we’ll do somethig, maybe we won’t. I know for sure that I myself am not leaving anytime soon. As much as disappearing from the forum and taking my shame with me sounds appealing, that’s not the right thing to do.
Still, I think I’ll stick to helping out others from now on, since apparently I don’t make for a good project lead. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next person who will catch my attention?

See you around, everyone… Though not in this project, unfortunately.



Now, this… This does bring a smile to my face.


Thats very cool :slight_smile:

I’m really looking forward to playing

Did not expect to see something like this, and the redesigns are looking much better then the originals imho. I hope this remake retains the weirdness of the original (I loved how you had all this fantastical stuff like the titled elves and fairies and then there is just the protagonist with a fucking gun) but will be keeping an eye out for this whenever it may drop.


You have garnered this hounds attention

Let’s see what comes, the art is already better than the original from what I can see so it’s already improved to a small degree

I have a good feeling you are going to succeed at this

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:+1:Had fun working on this, goodluck on the future of this guys!


Well this sound quite promising already, i do hope you folks the best in this project

For those of you who didn’t notice the main post:

Our programmer issue has already been solved, and we are happy to welcome @Parnash and @humblesasquatch onto the team!
With the main issue gone, everyone here can look forward to hopefully more positive updates on this project, maybe even a first demo in the foreseeable future!


Can’t wait to try this out.

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I’m so excited for this new one, Hungry elves was one of the first games I played on this forum so there is the nostalgia factor heh.

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So a fan remake/reimaging of Hungry Elves, huh?
I certainly like the game, but I definitely would have preferred a much more focused, cohesive game then the weird hotpot of stuff that was HE.
Also happy to see Parnash on your coding team. As hilariously incomplete it was, I actually quite enjoyed Telirium Chronicles and would like to see how they’ve improved since then. And while I haven’t played The Next Big Thing’s alpha release, Humblesasquatch seems to have strong ambitions and skill.

Good luck. Hope that you guys make a game much more stable and more indepth than the original game, and that the feeding combat is more involved than just “Spam pizza and chocolate”.


I am so happy to see this project again.
I know some will disagree with me but Hungry Elves is still my favorite fetish game.
If I had any programming knowledge I would have absolutely wanted to help out.
Either way can’t wait to see what you create.


Great to see this happening I loved @juan_alvarez original HE. More story and more dates with something that is similar in general concept, sign me up. I look forward to see what the team comes up with. With a reimagining there’s definitely a lot of wiggle room for new ideas and concepts. Oh and the art looks amazing good luck to you all.

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I like the Green one’s look, I’ll keep an eye out for this one.

Oh rest assured, once the first demo is done we will open up a discord for more regular updates and better, more immediate player responses. For now however, we’d rather not just open up something like that without any, uhhhhh… “product” to show, you see?

The game itself is coming along, our artist just had to take a few days off for life situations, but we are still on track, no worries.


Cool, then i wish fortune upon you and the others involved in the project.

Oh I can’t wait! Good Luck in the return of the project, guys!

Oh man, one of my favorite games being reimagined. Best wishes, and good luck with the project.

Like the previous Hungry Elves game, how did it take you to finish and complete this game? Will you also be doing the same thing for Eternalland as well?

i am very much looking forward to this cant wait for it to be ready