EVORIA - A Stuffing/Vore Themed RPG!

i tried to click every person on the stage, but it didnt work. but thanks, i’ll try it again
Edit: damn it worked. just needed to spam for a bit

Is there ever going to be weight gain?


Finally got around to playing the 2nd chapter and nice update! Since the 1st chapter is short just replayed the whole game so far! You fixed some of the minor errors and I’m loving the art style ya have now. No more generic characters for now, definitely interested in where it goes from here!

You’ve done a good job showing the baddies/giving more backstory to Renee. You did 2 chapters really quickly for your 1st game so I’m sure there will be much more of a wait for chapter 3. I’m not into object vore per se but its unique and not many games have it so fuck it keep it coming though I’d like to see more vore/devour type skills. Be cool to see Naomi eat some baddies or weight gain though (even if its another character) I know you mentioned that won’t be a key aspect, I think. (Although it is weightgaming so I don’t think ppl would mind if ya had a character or 2 gain weight :wink: ). That said not much to critique yet, you’re slowly making this story yours and I want to see where it goes!

Just posting this as an encouragement!! Keep it up man


Hey, just finished the game, it was amazing. Are you planning on doing more Vore with Naomi? I can’t wait for chapter 3.

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Probably nothing tooooo extreme, just based on my own personal preferences, but I might throw in a little something later on in the game, because weight gain can be pretty cute!!


Thank you!! I’m really glad you liked it!! School is taking up a lot of my time now, so it might be a little longer before the next update (The next update is also gonna be a lot longer than the first two, as well!), but rest assured, there’s gonna be plenty more vore content coming in the game’s very near future!!


I was playing and I came upon this little gem. You can tell me…
Is this an UNDERTALE reference? Please, oh, please tell me it is!