Feed the Crown: Deluxe Edition (PLAYABLE DEMO)

Hey there! This is the thread for the discussion of “Feed the Crown: Deluxe Edition” (working title). This post was last updated on April 5th, 2021.

You can always follow me on my Twitter for additional updates. Here’s the link to the Movement Demo! Let me know what you think, and make sure to fill out a gameplay survey if you’re interested.

Past Devlogs can be viewed here:
Devlog #4
Devlog #3
Devlog #2
Devlog #1


Ahh, I love it! The “piggybacking” ability is a stroke of genius :laughing:

I can just picture the Pig Queen’s tidy hair bun being an indicator of her distress as her composure and mood continue to wane, her hair flying wild and free when her hangry fury is unleashed!


Glad to see this back again.

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Holy crap, I would never have expected controller support! This looks and sounds more amazing every update.

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I’ve known about the Pig Queen for less than 5 minutes and already love her, very excited to play as the pig knight and excited for future updates as well!

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Pig Queen is a cutey patootey!

So excited to see this game, you’ve done a great job with it. :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed the first rendition of Feed the Crown and I’m absolutely excited to see the newest version! Keep up the great work, Roops!


HYPE! I really liked both your games, the art is always amazing and the dialogues are cute. The new gameplay mechanics and the controller support are great news, the only problem I had with the previous version of the game was how hard it was in some specific occasions (with the bird knight).


Thanks for all the kind words and continued support! I really mean it when I say you all keep me going.


Pig babe AND controller support? Finally, some good news this year lol

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what are the controls, i see some features but cant figure out how to do

Hey Opop,

If you’re trying to play the original game, the controls are listed in game and on the itchio website.

If you’re talking about the new features and controller support, they haven’t been added yet—this is just a behind the scenes look!

Ya i know simple left and right, but i see features like excise but i dont know how to do that, aswell as repeating levels

Sorry for the confusion—exercising is a feature that has not been added to the game just yet. The devlogs are about future features.

Right now the only playable version of the game is from August. It will be some time before the full game is ready.

oh alright thanks for the help

Seeing the new interactions between characters makes me wonder if there is an opportunity to provide an extra skill challenge for the player in securing bonus food items. What if the player can encounter other knights also traversing the castle and possibly steal from them?

Imagine if you will: you’re traversing a level and suddenly another knight bursts onto the scene hotly pursued by the pig knight brandishing a crossbow! You could let the scripted event play out and let them escape the scene (they would ignore the player) or, by intercepting the escaping knight, you yoink their food pouch from them- though this means PK will be gunning after you now until you escape the chamber!

Could be another means to add bonus food items to a level along with the hidden exploration secrets and platforming challenges as mentioned in Devlog #1.


I’m a simple girl. I see antrho piggies, I get excited lol. So happy that the pig kingdom will be playable!


@AlexKay Ohhhh-what a fun concept! I’d need to look into what the coding for that scripted enemy would be, but I do like the thought of additional crossovers with the other Kingdoms. Definitely adding this to the idea list! (For exploration after I do all the OTHER stuff on it hahaha)


guess no predator kingdomo?

I mean, we have cats. Cats eat mice and small birds.