Feedee Paradise mod - Development & Concept (Indeterminate hiatus)

This thread was created to track the development of the Fetish Master mod “Feedee Paradise”. The new original content version was supposed to include:

  • A map (item or button) to check for directions in case you get lost.
  • Nyx, a deviless character that would help you with quest/event info if you get her fattening treats from different characters and places. She was also supposed to provide magical items that help you along the way.
  • Bernarda, the alchemist. This is included in the latest version. First hips/ass/thighs WG focused character. She will give you quests that will allow you to unlock DigestUp.
  • Lamba, a voodoo witch and unlockable romantic interest. (It was going to include a WG or breast-expansion storyline depending on funding for the artwork.)
  • And more additions to enhance gameplay…

However, because of personal circumstances and lack of funding, development of the mod has been suspended indefinitively. Perhaps it will resume in the long future, or perhaps it will be a permanent hiatus.

Having said that, if you’d like to chip in because you liked playing the mod, you can do so here: Ko-fi_Icon_RGB_rounded (https://ko-fi.com/eltipito42)


Topic closed at the request of the OP