Feeder Fantasy by Fallboy - Translations & Mods (Ver. 1.2.2, Original Ver. 5.0)

How do you give Alicia their armor or what do you do when Alicia gains weight?

Alicia’s armor can be found at the blacksmith’s near the bottom of town. If you’re talking about the first time she gains weight, check the Wildcat Bakery for the shortcake she’s talking about to break her willpower.

Reminder though that there’s a very detailed guide included in the Mega within the readme. Give it a look if you have any more trouble in the future.


I loved this game. ^^

Sooo happy I stumbled upon this gem.

Bakery Girl was probably my favorite.


Inspired to furious writing by this Gem, I present a Jumpchain document inspired by this lovely game.

Feeder Fantasy Jumpchain 1.5.pdf (509.9 KB)


I have taken near 4 or 5 hours today to complete the game and honestly, shit was bumping, Ive 100% everything and honestly it was god tier 10/10 IGN


I don’t know if it’s an error of the patch, but everytime I enter the New Game Plus password it sends me a message saying it’s correct and the benefits I’ll get, but it loops to the password-entering screen instead of going to the game. Is there any way to avert this?

There are multiple different passwords to unlock things, so you are looped back so that you can enter multiple ones. You should be able to simply back out of the menu once you’re done entering the password.


You’re right, I thought I wasn’t getting it. Thank you!

got excited that maybe fallboy made a update, oh well back to waiting

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Pretty sure Fallboy is a student so their next update will probably be in a month or two, that tends to be how they release historically.


he might be waiting for his artist Sunny to finish more pieces before any updates


Maybe? Last time Sunny had all the art done like 2 months before the update released. Unless he’s swamped with commissions I kinda doubt it’d take him a while to do it. Though equally Fallboy may also just not have the funds to commission all the art he wants right now which is also totally fair.


True all I know is that Sunny has drawn art for more characters that could be in the new update, the nun, martial artist, and fairy last I saw a few months ago


Guys, is there other games that have the blob of these 3 girls after giving the fattening drugs? And the protagonist self (only got to see weight stage 5) to become a blob as well, for example a game like SFRPG and Project F. A. T? Specifically Elise the mage girl, where the sprite is just folds and folds of flesh